Sunday, 30 July 2017

We are Cult Review

Short extract from the We are Cult Review of all hold hands and off we go
Sometimes it’s very pretty. Sometimes it makes you glance out of the window to make sure that there aren’t people wearing Badger Masks stood menacingly at the end of your drive. Sometimes it’s both of those things. It’s intriguing, inventive stuff, quite bouncy in places, and the propulsive title track motors along with infectious energy like a sort of 70s children’s TV version of Can. We Are Cult highly recommend all hold hands and off we go. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s some men with Badger Masks outside and I’m looking for a broom.
Martin Ruddock  (We are Cult July 2017)
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Thursday, 27 July 2017

What Next????? There is a Plan (Maybe)

A while back I had the idea to maybe rework (polish and tidy up) four of the tracks that have appeared on the last two albums (all hold hands and off we go, A Rest Before the Walk) which feature the vocals and lyrics of Douglas E Powell. I trekked down to North Devon to have a bit of a summit meeting with Doug and to discuss this idea and maybe release four tracks on a 7inch EP. Doug liked the idea, so in July this year, after a long old slog in Doug's studio we finally finished the music side of this project. There are still some vocals to re-record, but getting there. The Tracks are Boxes with Rhythms in, My Morning Ritual, Broken Folk and Mr Metronome.
We are not sure when the EP will be first we were optimistic that it was going to get released by another label, but that has fallen through now, so unless we get interest and someone else picks this up, we will probably release the EP ourselves sometime in 2018. I have now also started to record new tracks myself. Not sure what I will do with these??? again might end up on an album or I might do another EP myself??? Who knows???

Monday, 10 July 2017

Still Some CDs left here, but not there

There are still some CDs left and available from Bandcamp for all hold hands and off we go.
CDs now sold out in the Ghost Box Records Guests shop.

It's music of a lost Albion, a windswept land of steel skies and old ways, of dark, satanic mills built upon psilocybin drenched earth fertilised by the endlessly copulating ghosts of generations of cunning folk. Through it's hands runs a stream of British outsider music from Coil to Bowie at his most enigmatic and it feels like it's redefining the boundaries of what constitutes a truly British music.
Ian Holloway (Wyrd Britain June 2017)

Surreal retro analogue visions slide in and out of haunted fever dreams in this woozy, uniquely psychedelic, Radiophonic-flavored concoction that's suffused with ambivalent subconscious.
Carl Griffin Electronic Sound Magazine 28 (April 2017)


Odd In A Nightcap And Cup’ and ‘Please, Is It You’ very much recall Broadcast, ‘Tap Tap’ could be The Human League Mark One doing incidental music for Blake’s Seven and once again, Devon-based folky Douglas E Powell contributes some Syd-esque vocals on the haunting ‘Mr Metronome.
Jon Mojo Mills Shindig Issue 67 (May 2017)


Unsettling pastoral electronica on this 5th CD album from Keith Seatman.
He’s joined on two tracks by vocalist Douglas Powell.
Jim Jupp (Ghost Box Records May 2017)


The mixing and seamlessly combining and bringing together of atmospheres that you would not normally connect with one another is probably one of the defining aspects of the album; this is an unsettling, playful, warm, comforting, distant, familiar, experimental work with an intriguing pop edge.
A Year in the Country (April 2017) 

Strange exotica, repeated samples and a sense of quiet adventure are found on Keith Seatman‘s all hold hands and off we go.
A Closer Listen (April 2017)

An album length sonic journey into the surreal, the strange and the sinister, a psychedelic pseance populated by waking dreams, nocturnal nightmares and supernatural forbearance, a melodic map of discovered Barrett-esque continents and hitherto beyond the eye magick lands. Trippy stuff.
The Sunday Experience (Jan 2017) 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Its a TV and Film OST Only bumper bonanza mix.

Here we are at mix number 30. This time round its a Film and TV Soundtrack selection. Some of the themes/music have been on previous TT Archive Reels. When I first started to put this one together I did not anticipate how long the final mix would be. This version comes in at 1hr 44 mins, which is way shorter than the original mix. I had to drop a lot of music, so might do another at a later date. I have no idea when the next mix will be here. I have managed 30 TT Archive Reels which I never really thought I would get to, so maybe time for a short intermission (or maybe not) so for now sit back and enjoy music from Louis & Babe Baron, Georges Delerue, Schifrin/Holmes, John Carpenter, Yann Tiersen, Neal Hefti, Tangerine Dream, Wil Malone, Denton & Cook, Wendy Carlos, Rita Tushingham & Lyn Redgrave, E Arel & Petit and loads more.

Its a Stop-Motion Happening

Julian House aka The Focus Group twists the kaleidoscope to reveal a fractious mosaic of some 25 vignette-like parts in just over 37 minutes with Stop-Motion Happening, the ‘Groop’’s - as it’s spelt on the cover - most delirious and mid-summery dosage to date.
(Boomcat July 2017
) Full Review Here

A nice surprise dropped through the letterbox the other day.....the new album by the Focus Group, Stop-Motion Happening. This is the 5th album of audio cut ups, loops, strange disjointed Psych and electronics by Julian House/Focus Group. Is it any good? I hear you all say.............Yes indeed it is, its a captivating audio mash up that at times does not make for easy listening, which is not a bad thing at all. Whilst at other times some of the loops/cut ups have a very playful feel that will get your feet tapping and have you wondering where they originated from. The Artwork as expected is superb (with quotes from Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage) and is a perfect companion to the music. Stop-Motion Happening truly wonderful audio experience and a treat for the ears. Stop-Motion Happening is out on July 14th