Saturday, 15 December 2018

Marvel Classics Comics

When I was about 12 the Marvel Classics Comics series was my introduction into the world of fantasy/horror/scifi literature. I still have my collection of these and have recently been looking through them. The stories were not exact copies from the books, and in places literary liberties were taken with some of the stories, but I loved them. There were a total of 36 issues of Classics Comics and 12 were in fact reprints from another publisher (Pendulum Now Age Classics)
A full list of all the Classics Comics can be viewed here. To this day there are a few which I would love to get hold of (Christmas Carol, 1st Men in the Moon, Alice in Wonderland, Food of the Gods) They were very difficult to get hold of in my town, and I remember there were a few Newsagents that I would visit, to pick up my monthly copy of Tomb of Dracula and they would endeavor to order Classics Comics for me. The problem was that it was always hit and miss, sometimes they could get hold of them and sometimes not (A very disappointed me when Black Beauty turned up and I was expecting Pit and the Pendulum

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Found Objects: Finishing Line

Found Objects: Finishing Line: Monday, 2 May 2016 As far as 1970s Public info films go, The Finishing Line has to be the most overlooked and hard hitting of them a...

Monday, 12 November 2018

Out Now. Broken Folk 10 inch EP and Digi Release

After over a year of planning, and long walks on the Southdowns, the Seatman And Powell (Featuring Belbury Poly) 10 inch has arrived. The original plan for this release was conceived 18 months ago late one night in North Devon. Myself and Doug, decided to release a 7 inch single containing two vocal tracks. These tracks were from the albums all hold hands and off we go and A Rest Before the Walk. Doug and I would re-master and re-work these 2 tracks and release them as a very limited run. Then the idea moved on a bit to a 7 inch ep. Months went by and I discussed this project with Jim Jupp at Ghost Box. Way back in early 2018 myself Jim, Doug and our friend Russel went for a very long walk along the South Downs. It was when sitting in a very snug pub in Lewes that Jim said he would be interested in releasing the single but taking it up to a 10inch on colour vinyl and full colour artwork. Not to be released on Ghostbox but released through his own Belbury Music. I said yes to this and months down the line here is the final product.
The EP has 5 tracks with Broken Folk remixed by Belbury Poly.
The 4 other tracks have been re-worked by myself and Doug.
All tracks re-mastered by Jim Jupp, and all artwork by Jim Jupp at Belbury Music.
Broken Folk Excerpts Soudcloud

  An EP of collaborations with folk singer Douglas E. Powell selected from Keith Seatman’s last two albums. It opens with a remix of the title track Broken Folk by stalwarts of British pastoral electronica Belbury Poly.
Melancholic and subtly psychedelic, these songs are redolent of supernatural short stories and winter afternoons out on English landscapes.  They are dark rustic reveries, occupying the overlapping territory between haunted electronica and wyrd folk.
Seatman builds a dense collage of electronics, fragmented melody and found sound, around which Powell weaves his dreamlike lyrics.
The tracks have been remastered for the EP by Belbury Poly’s Jim Jupp and the 10” is pressed on translucent green vinyl with sleeve art by Jim Jupp. It’s released on Seatman’s own label
KS Audio in conjunction with Jupp’s Belbury Music.

The Broken Folk vinyl ep can be purchased from the
Belbury Music Shop 

The Digital version is available from Bandcamp.   

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Wyrd Kalender January 1st 2019

Released by Mega Dodo
Edited and curated by Chris Lambert
Mastered by Chris Sharp
Book written by Chris Lambert
Illustrations and artwork by Andy Paciorek
  Available to buy from January 1st 2019 from Mega Dodo
CD and digital download

All profits from the sale of Wyrd Kalendar will go to Cancer Research UK.

Following the success of “Songs from the Black Meadow” in 2016 Mega Dodo and Chris Lambert are proud to present Wyrd Kalendar, a new Book and CD release.
This will be released on January 1st the beginning of the next Wyrd year.

Wyrd Kalendar takes the year as its starting point weaving from dark and forgotten traditions stories and music to delight, disturb and escape into.

Artists from the England, Scotland, Ireland and Portugal were each given a month of the year and a story from the book (Wyrd Kalendar) as a starting point from which to create a vastly eclectic and evocative mix of genres that sweep from the worlds of Folk to Electronica via Psychedelic licks and lost Horror Soundtracks.

Each month is presented by a different artist.
January: Widow’s Weeds (lead by Grey Malkin formerly of The Hare and the Moon) give us their occult tinged hymn to that month in Song for January.
February: Electronic wizard Keith Seatman explores the strange world of the Three Day Girl forever doomed to experience the missing days of that truncated month.
March: Psych-Folk singer Emily Jones brings to life the words of her long dead ancestor in Waiting for Spring.
April: Psychedelic Queen of Spring - Crystal Jaqueline plays us all for fools as she goes Chasing the Gowk.
May: Ghost Box’s Beautify Junkyards charm us with their delicious and haunting May Day Eve.
June: Alison O’Donnell of Mellow Candle, Flibbertigibbet, Firefay and United Bible Studies teams up with David Colohan on her wasp celebration Deadly Nest.
July: Scarfolk collaborator and electronic ghost of Cold War Britain Concretismbrings to life A Fair by the Sea.
August: Icarus Peel explores lost love and yearning as he explores the words of the aching and humid The Weeping Will Walk.
September: Legendary Folk Rock duo Tir na nOg encourage us to raise a glass to Autumn with Columbine.
October: Wyrdstone explores the haunting rhythms of harvest in The Field.
November: The Soulless Party leave the Black Meadow to take us for a Dark November Drive.
December: The Rowan Amber Mill explore the darker side of Christmas with The Witch’s Lament.
The Year: The 13th track of the album is called Wyrd KalendarThe Mortlake Bookclub explore the world of the book and the year through their unusual aural game of Exquisite Corpse.

About:  Wyrd Kalendar – The Book
Open the Wyrd Kalendar and explore the year with eyes that are not your own…

Join Chris Lambert and Andy Paciorek as they guide you through the twelve months of the year weaving twelve tales of Magic, Murder, Terror, Love and the Wyrd.

Hold to the resolution in January…
Seek to do more with those missing days in February…
Avoid the madness of the March hare…
Become the fool in April…
Dance around Aunt May…
Protect and nurture the June bug…
Celebrate Grotto Day in July…
Fall in love and weep in August…
Let it all fall in September…
Prepare for the October harvest…
Avoid November sin…
Do not let December find you out…

“Gripping, sometimes terrifying but always surprising: this is the year described in the Wyrd Kalendar. Live it if you dare…” – Sebastian Baczkiewicz - Creator of BBC Radio 4’s “Pilgrim”
"There's a story here for all horror tastes, from the understated to the gruesome and everything in between."
"Those with a fondness for horror's rich folk heritage will find plenty to enjoy here, but what's most impressive about Wyrd  Kalendar is how both Lambert and Paciorek have captured the spirit and mood of each month in their storytelling."
"If you like your scare fare laced with imagination, surprise, and plenty of spine-tingling moments, I cannot recommend this enough." - Kieran Fisher - Scream Magazine Issue 49 July/Aug 2018 (pp 94-95)

About:  Songs from the Black Meadow (Released by MegaDodo 2016)
“Songs From The Black Meadow is a deeply involving and atmospherically congruent undertaking, swathed in the beckoning hauntology of the fictitious-or-is-it Black Meadow itself.” – Record Collector
“Here’s a legend for a new kind of perception.” – DME
“Songs From The Black Meadow is a well-realized, immersive concept that will pull you in, and never let you go. It serves as an additional soundtrack for some damn fine horrors, and also stands alone as a weird, supernatural journey all its own.” – forestpunk
“Sometimes frivolous, sometimes chilling, let this be your entrance into one of modern acid folk’s most pervasive myths.” – Goldmine Magazine

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Music for Zombies: Review - Seatman and Powell - Broken Folk

Music for Zombies: Review - Seatman and Powell - Broken Folk: Highlights Tonight from K.S. Audio BROKEN FOLK WILL ENCHANT  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * ON K.S.AUDIO TONIGHT ...

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Test Transmission Archive Reel 34

Been quite a while since my last Test Transmission Archive Reel, and to be honest probably the last one for 2018. Will def be more in 2019, just a tad busy at the mo working on 10in ep release and new album. So this time round to keep you all going through the Autumn and Winter you have XTC, Mary Hopkin, Darren Burn, Revbjelde, Richard Dawson, Paddy Kingsland, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Guy Pedersen and loads more. So until Archive Reel 35 wrap up warm take care and enjoy the dark winter nights (I always do)

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Wyrd Britain: The Balloon

Wyrd Britain: The Balloon: You now those mornings when you wake up wondering why-oh-why didn't that doyen of the brain freeze, Slush Puppie , ever make any pub...


 Deliaphonic is an annual celebration of the life and work of Delia Derbyshire on the anniversary of her birth, which takes place in her home town of Coventry.
For all info about deliaphonic and all up and coming events visit the 
deliaphonic website here

Sunday, 9 September 2018

The album is an exploration of abandoned and derelict industry, infrastructure, technology and equipment that once upon a time helped to create, connect and sustain society.
It wanders amongst deserted factories, discarded machinery, closed mines, mills and kilns and their echoes and remains; taking a moment or two to reflect on these once busy, functioning centres of activity and the sometimes sheer scale or amount of effort and human endeavour that was required to create and operate such structures and machines, many of which are now just left to fade away.
Pre Order Sept 11th 2018 Here and Here
Release Date October 2nd 2018
Also Available from here

Friday, 31 August 2018

1969 World's First Electronic Pop Song/Groovy Dancing

1969 World's First Electronic Pop Song
This is to good 2.48 seconds of pure entertainment.
The couple dancing at 1.47 and 2.29 have to be my favorites.
They seem so happy to be there....and they def go for it when the cameras on them. Superb.
More info on Popcorn

Thursday, 30 August 2018

November 2018 10inch EP Release

k s audio & Belbury Music Present
Seatman and Powell
Featuring Belbury Poly
The Broken Folk 10 inch EP
Artwork/Design by Jim Jupp (Ghostbox Records, Belbury Poly)
Side 1
Broken Folk (Belbury Poly Mix)
Boxes with Rhythms in 
Side 2
Broken Folk
Mr Metronome
My Morning Ritual 
Track 1 Remixed by Belbury Poly
Tracks 2-5 Reworked and Remastered from the Albums
A Rest Before the Walk
All Hold Hands and off we Go
Release Date November 2018
Also Full Digi Discography can now be purchased from Bandcamp
for the super low price of £14

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Wyrd Britain: Stigma

Wyrd Britain: Stigma: 'Stigma' is one of the three non M.R. James adaptations made by the BBC for their ' A Ghost Story for Christmas ' and the ...

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs

A recent arrival round here, is the rather superb new album by The Twelve Hour Foundation.
For lovers of Library Music, The Radiophonic Workshop and Musique Concrete, this album is an absolute must (in fact even if you are not into those musical genres you really should still have a listen, and if you don't...then hold your head in shame, because you are missing out) what is instantly noticeable is the pure pop that rears it head on tracks like, Watching the Wires, Quoits, Analog Jam, In the Meantime and Canned Light, all guaranteed to get you tapping your feet and humming constantly at a later date. Fans of The Radiophonic Workshop/Jon Baker should listen to the track The Long Divison. Tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs is out now on the Castles in Space label and is available from here. The Vinyl version of this album is released in a super-limited edition of 280 copies, pressed on “green ginger” splatter vinyl.
The Twelve Hour Foundation evoke distant, half-remembered experiences and objects ... the grouting between slabs of memory. Indeed, following live performances, audience members frequently approach the duo, saying they had been affected by the music, but couldn’t put their finger on why. The majority of tracks were built using a pair of 40-year-old synthesisers, mixed with treated field recordings and sounds created from samples of household objects: plastic tubing, bottles, corks, a wire draining rack, electrical appliances and the human body.