Sunday 28 April 2024

FC Judd

Some years back I posted somewhere (could have been here or elsewhere) some images from my top find Tape Recording for Everyone by Electronic Music Pioneer F C Judd.
If you have never had the pleasure of listening to FC Judd's work then a visit to here will sort you out. I Around the same time I had the good fortune to receive from a friend of mine these lovely Castle Sound Effects EPs by FC Judd. Some basic sound effects on the records (Applause, Car Crash, Foot Steps) but on the Haunted House EP are a couple of very interesting pieces, track 2 and 3 on side one. Mysterioso (special fx music) and Fright (special fx music) Electronic Sounds and Music is full of some very interesting radiophonic/drone, and is quite a spacey selection, with titles Cosmos-composition with etherial element, Vortex-composition with mystery element and sound effects like Spaceship take off, Ring Modulation, Space Vehicle, Sibilation.For much much more on FC Judd check out Ian Helliwell's Practical Electronica FC Judd Documentry.

Some New Tunes

Some new tunes uploaded onto Soundcloud. These are new and at present not earmarked for any release. Maybe at a later date.
New Album and 7inch remix Single out on Castles in Space later in the year.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Test Transmission Archive Reel 55 (OST, TV and Library Music)


Here we are Test Transmission Archive Reel 55, and this time round we have a one hour forty three minute OST Library and TV Music mix. However all things must come to an end and with that in mind its time for the Test Transmission Archive Reel’s to stop for now. Have been doing these since 2011, so maybe time for a break.
I might do another at a much later date, then again I might not. So until the we meet again, thank you all for listening your support and fantastic comments over the years.
I have been asked by Kate Bosworth to contribute a mix for a December/Winter Dark Train which I am really looking forward to, so keep em peeled for that.
For now its a goodbye.

Alain Legrand - Magic Roundabout
Ron Goodwin - Miss Marple's Theme
Alan Moorhouse - Psychodale
Don Partridge - Homeless Bones
Johnny Flynn - Detectorists
The Settlers - Lightning Tree
Georges Delerue - Desert Crusader
Mr Brooks - The Family
Neal Hefti - Duel at Diablo
John Baker - Dial M for Murder
Captain Zorro - Phantasm
Angela Morley - When 8 Bells Toll
John Carpenter - Mathew Ghost Story
Joan Baez - Silent Running
Krysztof Komeda - Rosemary's Baby Main Theme
Kenny Everet & Mike Vickers - Captain Kremmen
Paul Williams - The Devils Men
Giorgio Moroder - Pauls Theme
Harry Robinson - Vampire Lovers
John Barry - The Lion In Winter
Ennio Morricone - The Men from Shiloh
Goblin - Suspiria
J Arel & J C Petit - No. 6's Speech
Lalo Schifrin - Theme from Enter The Dragon
George Martin - Bond Meets Solitaire
Reg Wale - Fruity Flutes (Farmhouse Kitchen)
Laurie Johnson - Happy Go Lively
Alan Hawkshaw - Blarney's Stoned
Yann Tiersen - La Valse D'Amélie
Vangelis - La Petite Fille De La Mar
Jim Williams - Walking Here Two Shadows Went
Roger Webb - Shadows of Fear
Max Harris - Guerney Slade
Paddy Kingsland - The Changes (Suite)
Booth, Hayes, Arthey - The Double Deckers
Rita Tushingham & Lyn Redgrave - Smashing Time
Denton and Cooke - Quiller
Micheal Fassbender - I Love You All
Allan Grey - The Stairway To Heaven
Mary Habberfield - Man in White suit
Elizabeth Parker -  Davil's Lightening
Scharf,Bricusse,Newley - The Wondrous Boat Ride

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Some Vinyl and CDs still available and floating about


Some 12inch Vinyl copies of Sad Old Tatty Bunting still available over at Castles in Space
There's no one quite like Keith Seatman. His new album Sad Old Tatty Bunting, is a psychedelic joyride through a parallel universe, a dreamlike England full of alchemists and scarecrows and gated communities guarded by gnomes.
Bob Fischer Electronic Sound (March 2022)

Keith has gradually risen to the top of the pile of the hauntology genre. For this new album It’s an album of wonky, kaleidoscopic psychedelia and has some genuinely scary moments on offer. It’s like some mad, arcade feature, I am again caught up in a seemingly never ending fairground nightmare, there’s a ton of synths and backwards guitar riffs vying for my attention.
Andrew Young Terrascope (May 2022) 
Some 10inch Green Vinyl copies of The Broken Folk EP still available over at
Ghostbox Records/Belbury Music Shop.


This 5 song 10inch EP combines the plaintive English voice of Powell placed amongst Germanic analogue organ, synths and sequencers creating the type of dark Cold War soundscapes favoured by the Radiophonic Workshop to the Human League. Floydian incidental music for a late 70s post nuclear meltdown drama.
Shindig Magazine (Jan 2019)


Some CD copies of Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things  still available over at
"Disjointed Oddities Vol: 2 follows on from 2018's Disjointed Oddities and Other Such things.
This is by the great Keith Seatman. Over the last 13 years has released 7 solo albums,
all of them unique and interesting."
Stuart Maconie, Freak Zone BBC 6 Music June 2023  

Recalling the abstract experiments of Basil Kirchin, back-to-the-nursery psychedelic nightmares that were recurring scenarios on The Prisoner and The Avengers. A parping, marching melody that could’ve come from The Residents. This 16-minute EP is a perfect introduction to Seatman’s evocative, unsettling world.
Ben Graham Shindig Magazine (July 2023)  


Sunday 31 March 2024

Model World and Update

Model World was a programme first aired on BBC2 in 1975, and presented by Bob Symes. Personally I was very fond of this program, and have very good memories associated with it. I will now explain why. Over a number of weeks Bob Symes Smith would introduce us to different aspects of The Modellers World. One week it would be Model Trains the next Model Aircraft and Gliders or Radio controlled boats, and so on. I remember at the time being very impressed with the intro titles, thinking they were quite futuristic. Model World was a very gentle and quiet program. Just a lot of odd looking blokes in tweed jackets, shirts and ties making and talking models. There was a BBC publication to accompany the series.  The Model World book came with plans showing you how to make a Model Yacht, Glider and a radio Controlled frigate. I loved the show so much my Father went out and got me the Model World book. I then ventured down to the shed to build a 30in Frigate. A month or so later the Frigate was finished, but on my Frigates 1st and only sailing, it got attacked by a swan, and the superstructure sustained quite a bit of damage. With every intention of repairing the Frigate I went home and placed it into my bedroom cupboard.
A couple of years later my Sister and I welcomed Punk into our home, and for a while I embraced Punk with a vengeance. As far as I was concerned it was year zero in my bedroom. So books toys and Airfix models got put into the cupboard and out of sight. With that the now badly neglected Model World Frigate got pushed back into the cupboard even more. Sometime later realising that my year zero attitude was a tad foolish, all my old books and models slowly reappeared. But for some reason the Frigate stayed in the cupboard and The Model World Book was no where to be seen. To this day I do not know what happened to it.
When my Father died my Sister and I were clearing out his house. I was in my old bedroom clearing out the cupboard when I came across my Model World Frigate. I am afraid to say it was in a worse state than ever. Years of being pushed back further and further into the cupboard had damaged my Frigate beyond repair. So I reluctantly placed it into a bin bag and dropped it into a skip.
I discovered a pile of photos of myself from the 1970s. As I was flicking through them I found a photo of a sulky looking me holding my Model World Frigate.

Saturday 23 March 2024

Kate Bosworth's The Dark Train.


 Last Monday (18th March) my 3rd mix for Kate Bosworths Dark Train was broadcast on Warminster Community Radio. I have very much enjoyed producing these mixes for Kate and have been asked to do another for December.
Previous mixes and here
This week, Dark Train has taken The Magic Roundabout line to visit Alice (and friends) who are round the Smoking Caterpillar’s gaff and providing the background music is DT’s very own jester of the sonic, Keith Seatman.
Keith’s mix is the audio equivalent of Terence McKenna’s thought process in a South American rainforest (circa 1983) and it’s a thoroughly excellent journey through music.
Keith is an amazing musician too and you must check out his music:
Thank you so much, Keith!
(Kate Bosworth)

First broadcast on the 18th March.

Friday 1 March 2024

Digi only Release finding our way around


In early Jan 2024 I caught Covid and was laid up for a week. As I gradually felt better I started tinkering with some music, after a while of messing about with some sounds, voices and laughter I realised I might actually have a new tune/track.
Was not sure what I was doing and had no real plan.
I then just carried on recording and recording until I stopped.

So here you have it at 15 minutes 36 seconds long,
finding our way around. Bandcamp
released March 1, 2024

Music by Keith Seatman
Production: Keith Seatman
Mastering and Audio Advice: Jack Packer

New Album and Single later in the year on Castles in Space.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Saturday 17th Feb and some New Releases

Syncing Not Swimming 3.0
An evening of live electronic music with
Keith Seatman, Kieran Mahon, Simon Heartfield
and The Burning Trestle.

Tickets from here

 New Digi Release Track in March
Finding Our Way Around.
a one of release track at 15:37 secs long.
Available from Bandcamp.


Later in the year a new Single EP and Album
On Castles in Space.
More news on that soon.


Sunday 10 December 2023

End of Year Test Transmission Archive Reel 54

Its been quite a while since the last Test Transmission Archive Reel, and this is the last one for year. However for your end of year listening enjoyment we have John Dankworth, Petula Clark, Cosey Fanni Tutti, The Mistys, Hollywood Brats, Fairport Convention, Albion Christmas Band, Scorn, Bobby Krlic, Hawkwind, The British Stereo Collective and all sorts of other musical oddities and wonders. So until the next time, Have a Happy and a Merry. All the best and Happy New Year to you all.

Friday 27 October 2023



For quite a while now my brain has been telling me that when I was very very young there was a program on Saturday lunch times called Zokko.
I have the occasional memory flashes of watching this program but could never be 100% sure or if I had just imagined the whole thing. After much searching (typed Zokko into Google) I have found a few bits and images relating to it. Zokko did exist and was a kids tv series that ran from 1968 to 1970. Strangely the first series used to be repeated on Wednesday afternoons, but the 2nd series never was. It was devised by children's TV producer Molly Cox and Paul Ciani. It featured animations, music hall jokes, narrated comic strips fast zany humour, variety acts and a sic-fi serial called Skayn. This was all linked up by a Pinball machine who served as the programs presenter.
By the 2nd series The pinball machine was gone and replaced by bubbling tubes of liquid, but the voice remained the same. The Zokko Pinball machine was designed by Mike Ellis (Father of Blue Peter Present Janet Ellis) the voice of the Pinball was created by the Radiophonic Workshop’s Brian Hodgson. It would seem that only two episodes from  the 2nd series are all that remains of Zokko (BFI Archive) For a lot more in depth info on Zokko go to The Curious British Telly site.

New series All for fun! Fun for all! Tar-rah! Zokko! is back - your own, your very own electronic comic! The old favourites return with some new ones as well... There's Skayn, the space-hero, in an exciting serial; plenty of jokes; a weekly Walt Disney choice; and a brand-new music machine, the like of which has never been seen before. Featured this week on the flying trapeze The Sisters Inaros; Skayn and the Moon People: with the voices of Sheelagh McGrath, Gordon Clude, Anthony Jackson, and pictures by Leslie Caswell. Zokko! music by Brian Fahey. Animation by Ted Lewis. Devised and produced by Paul Ciani and Molly Cox. (BBC recording)

Syncing Not Swimming 17th Feb 2024

Syncing Not Swimming 3.0
An evening of live electronic music with
Keith Seatman, Kieran Mahon, Simon Heartfield
and The Burning Trestle.

Have not played live for about 8 years.
Maybe its right to be nervous now, with still 4 months to go. 

Tickets from here


Saturday 16 September 2023

Some new tunes on Soundcloud

Over the Summer I completed 3 new tunes. These new tunes now on Soundcloud.
No plans at present to release (if at all/ever)
For the Causeway Turn

Jessica Being Silly

 Lady Dunford's Impersonator

Monday 21 August 2023

Test Transmission Archive Reel 53


Hi All. Its been quite some time since my last Test Transmission mix and a lot has gone on since then. My new EP Disjointed Oddities Vol 2 has been released and I have a new album on Castles in Space due for release in 2024. Have put together a Mix for Kate B over at Dark Train and have a live session for Zadagan Keep on Tak Tent Radio. So here we are with a new mix and what do I have for you all this time round? For your audio delight we have
Godley and Creme - Jack Harris (Butcher)
Crass - Sentiment
Warrington Runcorn - Rocksavage
Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer
Andy Partridge - 10 Power (Rogue)
The Twelve Hour Foundation - Mole Cricket
Keith Mansfield - Teenage Villain
Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band - The Intro and The Outro
Flying Lizards - Summertime Blues
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore the Machine
Howlround - Paper Phantom
Lo Five - The Performance of Adulthood
Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner - The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Basket
The Shangri-las - Out In The Streets
Klara Lewis - Sell Art
John Baker - Man Alive UFO
Belbury Poly - Pixie-Led
Perrey and Kingsley - Winchester Cathedrel
Mount Vernon Arts Lab - Flames
Oloron - Shadow Pass and Air Move
Having less and less time to put these mixes together so really not sure when the next mix will be, so until then (who knows if and when) tata.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Telly Savalas looks at UK Cities

In 1981 the British Film Producer Harold Baim made 3 documentry films about British Cities (Birmingham, Aberdeen and Portsmouth) all narrated by the actor Telly (Kojak) Savalas. Originally there were supposed to have been 11 of these short films, but only 3 were ever made. When asked why Telly Savalas?? Baim replied "its a marketing ploy" Baim's short films known as Quota Quickies were originally made for distribution with United Artists films/ features which enabled UA to meet the legal requirements for the minimum number of UK-made productions shown at the cinema. Being as I come from Portsmouth I do find this film quite intriguing and entertainingly quirky.  As Telly says "a time capsule of life in Toooder England" "So long's looking at you" he also said "here's looking at you" at the end of Aberdeen and Birmingham so I suspect another Telly catch phrase was in the making there. Old Telly had lots of catch phrases thanks to his character in Kojak "Who loves ya, baby?" and "Cootchie-coo!" "here's looking at you".

Telly Savalas Looks at Birmingham
Telly Savalas Looks at Aberdeen

Monday 10 July 2023

Released Today. Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things Vol:2 CD and Digi


A track from Disjointed Oddities Vol:2 was recently played
on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on 6 Music and has had a 4 star review in Shindig magazine 141
Track 5 is a Remix of the 2022 album track The Grand Alchemists Parade.
This new remix is by Portsmouth musician and DJ Simon Heartfield. The original version can be heard on the 2022 Castles in Space Album Sad Old Tatty Bunting CiS093.
Out now and available from Bandcamp.
Keith Seatman Bandcamp