Sunday 28 April 2024

FC Judd

Some years back I posted somewhere (could have been here or elsewhere) some images from my top find Tape Recording for Everyone by Electronic Music Pioneer F C Judd.
If you have never had the pleasure of listening to FC Judd's work then a visit to here will sort you out. I Around the same time I had the good fortune to receive from a friend of mine these lovely Castle Sound Effects EPs by FC Judd. Some basic sound effects on the records (Applause, Car Crash, Foot Steps) but on the Haunted House EP are a couple of very interesting pieces, track 2 and 3 on side one. Mysterioso (special fx music) and Fright (special fx music) Electronic Sounds and Music is full of some very interesting radiophonic/drone, and is quite a spacey selection, with titles Cosmos-composition with etherial element, Vortex-composition with mystery element and sound effects like Spaceship take off, Ring Modulation, Space Vehicle, Sibilation.For much much more on FC Judd check out Ian Helliwell's Practical Electronica FC Judd Documentry.

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