Friday, 1 March 2019

A bit of an update

There are now only 5 CD copies of Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things left on my Bandcamp site
The Broken Folk 10inch EP is still available from the re-vamped and new looking
Belbury Music Shop.

My last album was All Hold Hands and Off we Go in 2017 and I spent most of 2018 working on the 2 EPs and Tracks for A Year in the Country and Wyrd Kalendar
I do have plans to release another album sometime, tunes have been recorded and at present its lots of listening back and whittling the tracks down to maybe a dozen.
At present really not sure when or how it will be released.
I have recorded a track for A Year in the Country for relese later in the year.
When I do know what I am doing (do I ever ???)
I will post all info here and on Twitter