Monday, 25 April 2011

Avebury April 2011

I recently decided to go on a little journey to Avebury. So myself Mrs Seatman and the small female junior Seatman jumped in the car and of we went.
Despite the horror of the roadworks and delay on the A303 it was a fantastic day out. 
I will not get all mystical about the stones. But Avebury is quite an amazing place. 
If you have never been there I really do recommend you visit. For more pics goto my Flickr page.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Archive Reel 3 Now on Mixcloud

At last Archive Reel 3 is now up and on Mixcloud. On Archive Reel 3 we have Wire, Roj, Jez Stevens, Ivor Cutler, Cilla Black, Popul Vuh, Cybertron, The Soulless Party.......and much much more.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Very Distant Past

A very very long time ago (Spring 1979 I think) my friend Craig who was very much into The Residents put it to me that we should do a cassette only release.
We would call ourselves The Marilyn Monroes. The music was to be very heavily influenced by The Residents Red Crayola Swell Maps and Vibing up the Senile Man era ATV. Craig would be Billy Artaud and I would be Pete Shoes. The music was to be recorded in my bedroom over the course of 2 evenings and like The Residents no one would ever know who The Marilyn Monroes really were. Of course as time went by we did tell people it was us.
I lost my copy of the cassette many years ago. But a chance meeting one night with Brian (who I had not seen for decades) from legendary bods Renaldo and The Loaf revealed that he had a copy, and so after 32 years I finally got to see our mad old Cassette creation again.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Into The Music Library. Saturday Radio 4

Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records has just presented a program on Radio 4 about Library Music.
If you missed it, this program will be repeated on Saturday 16th April at 15.30. Here is a little bit of text lifted from the Radio 4 site. It should wet your whistle.
It's the music which has surrounded us our whole lives, but which most of us have never quite heard let alone listened to... and nearly all of it made in the UK.
Sometimes called 'Source music', 'Mood Music' or as it's best known, 'Library music': a hugely important part of British sonic history. Its use and purpose is simple: it's well produced, economic music for film, TV, advertising and radio. Never commercially available to the general public, this music was pressed onto vinyl from the 1950s onwards in short, limited quantities and then sent directly to TV production houses and radio stations for use when necessary. From the mid 1960s onwards, as TV and radio productions expanded, so did library music usage. As a result the golden age of TV (and our memories of it) is not only punctuated but dominated by classic library music.
Def worth a listen.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

1000 Plateaus Jan 2009

Now here is something I forgot about. A couple of years ago, just before I went of on my travels, and then returned. I was asked to contribute a piece of music for the 1000 Plateaus Digital Potlatch at Havant Arts Centre. 
I still have the piece of music I composed which was called Time to go Mr ?. But I could not locate the film that went with it. But good old Mr Heartfield came to the rescue and had put together a compilation of the visuals/videos used on the night by Myself, Polter, Black Powder Engine and Simon Heartfield. The visuals for Time to go Mr ? were all movies and images from one of my stays in CanadaTime to go Mr ? is the 3rd video on this compilation starting at 4.43. 

Seatman Separator Covers

For over 10 years I have been one third of Electronic bods Seatman Separator with Simon Heartfield and Jack Packer. To be honest Seatman Separator is an on going project that the 3 of us work on as and when we get the time. At the moment though none of us have a lot of time as we all seem to be working on personal projects. 
But there is talk of us all getting together in Autumn 2011.
Working from the top the 1st 6 designs were produced by myself. The bottom row were designed by myself and Simon Heartfield.
The Science Faction from Mercury Trax 3
Music Seatman Separator.
Video Produced by Simon Heartfield & Keith Seatman 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sarah Angliss/SpaceDog

Heard Sarah Angliss/SpaceDog on a recent Phantom Circuit. I have lifted a some of Sarahs Biog from her site. But I really do recommend that you pay it a visit to find out more.
Sarah Angliss Trained in electroacoustics, music and robotics, I specialise in creating 
original sound installations, exhibits and live performances that mix cutting-edge technology with curious or vintage sound equipment and little known stories from the history of science. I’m particularly interested in creating sonic art that enables people to generate or manipulate sound using novel physical elements (e.g. robots; motion sensors). Whenever possible,  I try to avoid compositions that generate music entirely through software – I find algorithmic music is richer and more delightful when it’s coupled to the real world in some meaningful way.