Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Into The Music Library. Saturday Radio 4

Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records has just presented a program on Radio 4 about Library Music.
If you missed it, this program will be repeated on Saturday 16th April at 15.30. Here is a little bit of text lifted from the Radio 4 site. It should wet your whistle.
It's the music which has surrounded us our whole lives, but which most of us have never quite heard let alone listened to... and nearly all of it made in the UK.
Sometimes called 'Source music', 'Mood Music' or as it's best known, 'Library music': a hugely important part of British sonic history. Its use and purpose is simple: it's well produced, economic music for film, TV, advertising and radio. Never commercially available to the general public, this music was pressed onto vinyl from the 1950s onwards in short, limited quantities and then sent directly to TV production houses and radio stations for use when necessary. From the mid 1960s onwards, as TV and radio productions expanded, so did library music usage. As a result the golden age of TV (and our memories of it) is not only punctuated but dominated by classic library music.
Def worth a listen.

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