Thursday, 26 September 2013

COCO Phono 6th October

I have been invited to play some records at COCO Phono at The King St Tavern Southsea  (the seaside yippee!!!!) on Sunday 6th September from 4.30pm. Have picked up some new vinyl to play recently (The Other World of the Sound Carriers is one of them) Not sure what time I am playing???? or for how long????? I am sure I will find out on the day.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Tales From the Black Meadow Book & CD

Went to the book launch of Tales of the Black Meadow the other night with my friend Mr Palmer. This event was held at The Reading Central Library (bit of a nightmare to get to, lots of roundabouts and Traffic lights and very very bad traffic jam on the way into Reading) Once there had a very nice evening. There was Poetry, Film, Music, Readings and Drama all very well hosted by Chris Lambert and Kevin (Soulless Party) Oyston.
What can I say about Tales of the Black Meadow??????? if you enjoy a bit of Folklore, Poetry, A Mystery on the moors, 1970s kids TV and some very lovely haunting music, then this book and CD are an absolute must. A fantastic evening was had, and it was great to finally meet Kevin and Chris. I do get the feeling that The book and the CD are not the final word on the strange history of The Black Meadow. I would like to think and hope that as more information regarding The Black Meadow comes to light, Chis and Kevin will make it available to us all. I genuinely can't wait and look forward to even more on The Black Meadow. But she smil'd and whisper'd once again "I've been Beyond the Moor