Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Week off & Salad Fingers the Full Series (1-10)

 I have just had a week off work, and have been catching up with lots of things (new album tracks) I have also re-watched all ten episodes of Salad Fingers. Where do you start with Salad Fingers and his friends Hubert Cumberdale (Barbara Logan-Price), Marjory Stewart-Baxter Jeremy Fisher Harry/Milford Cubicle Penny Pigtails and the very very creepy Dr. Papanak. How do you explain what Salad Fingers is about???????? You don't, you just watch and get drawn in. Boards of Canada's Beware the Friendly Stranger features a lot in the series. Its all strangely addictive.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Consistently Rest Around the Boxes (Cabinet Volta)

After the release of my last album A Rest Before the Walk; I was asked to contribute to a few projects in 2016. Whilst working on ideas for these projects I hit upon the idea that it would be good for me to pick one track off each of my four albums and mix all four tracks together. When I say mix I do not mean mix in any highly polished cross fade mix type way. I wanted to destroy these tracks. Slow them down, compress them distort them pile on the echo the reverb distort and reverse. I really just wanted to see what would happen to these tracks. I don't dislike any of these tracks it was purely a random selection, using dice. The tracks are Tom's Dark Science (Consistently Mediocre and Daydreams) The Woodcraft (Boxes Windows and Secret Hidey Holes) Future Usefulness and Happiness (Around the Folly and Downhill) Broken Folk  (A Rest Before the Walk) I had been working on this idea for sometime when I got an email from Leigh Wright/Ephemeral Man asking me if I would like to contribute to  Cabinet Volta Tumblr , I said yes, I realised that I had the perfect place for this track called Consistently Rest Around the Boxes to go. Happy listening.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Test Transmission Archive Reel 24 on Mixcloud

Its taken me a while but here at last is TT 24. Been a tad busy since the last one; released another album (A Rest Before the Walk) started work on some new tunes for up and coming projects in 2016 and a few changes to life away from music. So on 24 we have The Tornados, Fifty Foot Hose, Ewen MacColl & Peggy Seegar, Slaves, Vic Mars, Crass, The Tara Experiment, Rotary Connection, Douglas E Powell & the Rising Spirit, Henry Breuer, William D Drake, Vic Mars, Richard Harris and loads more. So put your feet up make a cuppa and have a listen. Until we meet again TaTa.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

CDs all Gone

All CD copies of A Rest Before the Walk have now Sold out. There are no longer copies available on Bandcamp and The Ghost Box Records shop. The Digital version of A Rest Before the Walk plus the three previous albums are all still available from Bandcamp and can be got individually or a big old digital bundle. I am now working on some new tunes for the next album plus a track for a compilation coming out in the spring (more on that later, all a bit hush hush at the mo)