Friday, 29 July 2016

Found Objects: Cold War Colossus

In light of the imminent release of the Year in the Country compilation The Quietened Bunker, I remembered that some years ago I posted this on Found Objects about the mighty Burlington Bunker.
Found Objects: Cold War Colossus: Air Vents Telephone Exchange P.A Systems valve amplifier The BBC Broadcast...........all is well Prime Ministers Bathroom Welcome to The mig...
Also A year in the Country has just posted this wonderful piece about signposted decommissioned Bunkers in the UK here. If you would like to investigate these things further then Nick Catford's book Secret Underground London is def worth a read.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Quietened Bunker - Lower Level Clock Room

Here is my track/contribution to the new Year in the Country Album The Quietened Bunker. The track is called Lower Level Clock Room. Other musical contributions to the album are supplied by Grey Frequency, A Year In The Country, Panabrite, Polypores, Listening Center, Time Attendant, Unknown Heretic and David Colohan. Pre-Order is 1st August and Release date is 15th August.
There is an excellent, evocative piece on The Quietened Bunker and personal related history / explorations of an abandoned Cold War Monitoring Post by writer Simon Reynolds at his Retromania blog. The album will be available via the Artifacts Shop, Bandcamp Ether Victrola and Norman Records.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Test Transmission Archive Reel 26

As I upload selection of music I must point out that it is very very hot today. So with that I decided to stay in and not go out. The sun and I do not get on, I am more of an Autumn/Winter person really. So on Test Transmission Archive Reel 26 we have Syd Dale, Richards Dawkins, Belbury Poly, The Fall, The Flirtations, Orbital, Twisted Tongue, Oneohtrix Point Never, Visage, Hare and the Moon ft Alaska, Jodie Lowther, La Dusseldorf , Edwin Astley, Purson, Syd Barrett, Michael Nyman and The The Dandelion Set. Hope to get another mix done before the end of the year, still working on the next album. So until then, have a good summer.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Quietened Bunker – preorder and release dates

Pre-order 1st August 2016.
Release date 15th August 2016.

Will be available from the  Artifacts Shop and our Bandcamp Ether Victrola.
Audiological Transmissions Artifact #4
The Quietened Bunker is an exploration of the abandoned and/or decommissioned Cold War installations which lie under the land and that would have acted as selectively populated refuges/control centres if the button was ever pushed; a study and reflection on these chimeric bulwarks and the faded but still present memory of associated Cold War dread, of which they are stalwart, mouldering symbols.
Audiological contents created by Keith Seatman, Grey Frequency, A Year In The Country, Panabrite, Polypores, Listening Center, Time Attendant, Unknown Heretic and David Colohan.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mr Foots Front Room & a visit to the Seaside

Have been invited along by Mr Foot to play some records at the
Aurora Cafe in Southsea on July 28th.
So starting to compile lots of tunes for the night.
Will probably have way to many records to carry, must remember this
time to travel light for the journey.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Coming Soon The Quietened Bunker

Audiological explorations by:
Keith Seatman
Grey Frequency
A Year In The Country
Unknown Heretic (The Owl Service / The Straw Bear Band / Rif Mountain)
Listening Center
Time Attendant
David Colohan (United Bible Studies)