Thursday, 19 December 2013

Seasons Greetings to you all

I have had a busy old year, what with one thing or another, so a big thank you
to everyone who bought played and reviewed my album Boxes Windows and Secret Hidey Holes.  Also thanks for the support and emails and comments with regards to the album and Mixcloud etc. Have a great break and holiday. See you all again in the New Year

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dolly Dolly Antimacassar

The rather great smashing and super Dolly Dolly album Antimacassar is available from Exotic Pylon as a limited edition digipak CD or digital download. I suggest you go here to get a copy. Also here is some info from Exotic Pylon. TATA.
Exotic Pylon is overwhelmingly thrilled to present something very different and very special – the long-awaited debut album from a true original: Antimacassar by Dolly Dolly. 

Dolly (sometimes known as David Yates) is a Berkshire-based spoken-word artist, poet, events curator, radio playwright and belongs in the lineage of British surrealists. Antimacassar’s twisted insights were created via a process of cut-ups, automatic writing, and dream diaries channelling the skewed atmospherics of such luminaries as David Gascoyne and Roland Penrose after a collision with the Beats. At turns playful, darkly whimsical, disorientating and sharp Dolly Dolly’s words and voices destabilise familiar scenes into overcast alien shapes. Imagine if Tom Baker’s Tardis became a Stone Tape jukebox… 

Aiding and abetting Dolly on this maiden voyage are some of the finest artists from the UK underground: Ekoplekz, Position Normal, Moon Wiring Club, Regal Worm (an offshoot of I Monster), Time Attendant, Steve Christie and Language, Timothy!