Thursday, 29 January 2015

"Folklore is a vibrant element of 'Britishness' and a living cultural heritage; these beliefs, customs and expressions link the past to the present and help us understand our specific communities and cultures, as well as our shared humanity. Far from being static or an ageing genre, it remains relevant by adapting to new circumstances, with the 'Folk' (people), and the 'lore' (stories) continually informing and influencing each other. At the moment there is no dedicated institution within the UK that specifically explores and celebrates our folkloric culture and heritage in its full richness, including all of our annual customs and traditions. I feel this is a sad state of affairs and points towards a yawning gap within the cultural landscape of Britain. It is my aim that within a few years, this situation will be examined and resolved and there will exist a properly funded new national establishment which will not only impart knowledge and stimulate inquiry, but will also provide aesthetic experiences and kindle individual ambition by strengthening community ties and making visitors aware of the richness of our shared folk-culture in all its manifold forms. At the present time we are in the process of deciding the best way for us to operate and we do not have a building which the public can visit. We are however involved in a series of exhibitions within the UK where visitors can come to gain an appreciation of what will eventually be on offer once we are established. 
Simon Costin (Director, Museum of British Folklore)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Edgar Froese 1944 - 2015

Very sad to hear that Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese has passed away.
If it was not for the music of Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream (at the hight of punk I had copies of Stratosfear and Ricochet, tucked away safely in the not punk box of records) I would never have heard of or listened to Kraftwerk, Can, Neu! Cluster etc.
Froese's Aqua is a fav of mine, NGC 891 is a massive track, if you have 14 mins spare do have a listen. I was very lucky to have seen Tangerine Dream on the UK Cyclone and Force Majeure tours (my friend and I did look slightly out of place though)  but I can not really remember to much about it apart from very large Synths and lasers. So with all that said I will now go and listen to NGC 891 once more. I really think you should as well.

Friday, 23 January 2015

New tunes on Soundcloud (Excerpts)

Here are some tracks that will hopefully end up on the next album, due out sometime later in 2015. When I say later in 2015 I really do mean later. All are rough mixes and work in progress etc. The voices on the track Full Circle are Douglas E Powell and his son Joshua.
More of Doug on the album later.
The tracks are
Theres something outside
Full Circle
Sun in her hand
Made by Sun and Ice
Along the Corridor 1st on the Left Room 2882
Race you to the top

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Scarfolk Film Censors Page 187 - 188

I expect that a lot of you are aware of the wonderful world of Scarfolk and all that it entails. If for any reason you are not, then do not fret. With full permission from the head of Scarfolk Council himself, here are 2 extracts from the wonderful Discovering Scarfolk book. The book is very clever well written and bloody funny. If you do not have a copy, best you get one very soon, you could also grab a fridge magnet and a cup to go with it.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Soulless Party & Carya Amara new releases

Two cracking releases out now and available from Bandcamp. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

7 inch Center Label Selection (Part 3)

Only realised today that I had not posted any random 7inch single centers since Oct 2013
the last lot are here and here definitely a case of getting sidetracked and forgetting things.
Anyway here is another random old selection of 7 inch single centers.
The Sparks single was the 1st single that I ever bought myself, and the Ghost Box Listening Center 7inch was the last single I bought, which was a few months ago.