Monday, 26 October 2015

Album Update 2

There are only 2 CD copies of A Rest Before the Walk available from Bandcamp. 
CD versions of the album can still be purchased from the Ghost Box Records Guests Shop.

If you would like a Digital copy of the album (or any of the others), then these can still be purchased from Bandcamp for £5.00.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Test Transmission Archive Reel 23 (2hr Post Punk)

A few months back I re-read Simon Reynolds excellent book about the Post Punk years Rip it up and start again. All inspired, I decided that I was long over due in putting together a massive 2 hr Post Punk Mix. This mix is in no particular order. Some of you might point out that a few of the bands here are not really Post Punk....true maybe, in fact some of the bands here are def pre-punk, but there impact and presence was probably felt more musically in the post punk years. To wet your whistle we have music from Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu, Josef K, Metal Urbain, Young Marble Giants, Wall of Voodoo, Monochrome Set, PIL, Pop Group, Magazine, James Chance, The Raincoats, Wire and much much more. Anyway thats it for me mix wise this year. Time for a break. Its all been very busy what with the new album out this month and all other things, so until the next one thank you all for listening this year see you in 2016.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

THE ACTIVE LISTENER: Keith Seatman - A Rest Before the Walk

THE ACTIVE LISTENER: Keith Seatman - A Rest Before the Walk: Reviewed by Grey Malkin ( The Hare & The Moon ) Hampshire’s Keith Seatman is a name that will be familiar to many from his previous...

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Album Update

The CD version  of A Rest Before the Walk has now SOLD OUT on Bandcamp. A Digital Version of the album can still be purchased from Bandcamp. If the mood takes you go digital. CDs are still available from The Ghost Box Guests Shop for the time being.
Thank you to everyone who have bought a copy of A Rest Before the Walk.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Available today from Ghost box Records Guests Shop

The new Keith Seatman album is finally here, and CD copies are available to purchase from The Ghost Box Records Guests Shop 
CD and Digital will also be available from Bandcamp on Monday 19th October.
There is for the time being only a limited number of CD copies from Ghost Box Guests shop so you might have to be swift.

The Album has so far been played a few times on 6 Music and has been reviewed by The Sunday Experience and interview in Wyrd Daze issue 4. There is also a very nice review in Shindig issue 51 which is due out very soon.
It’s far from easy listening, but it washes over you like a fever dream and captivates the senses. Jon Mojo Mills Shindig Oct 2015 Issue 51.
Those of you fancying some creeping dread psychosis purred disturbia in readiness to celebrate the season of death / rebirth will probably have to dig deep to find anything as out there, strange and eerie as Keith Seatman’s sinisterly shadow smothered ‘a rest before the walk’.  The Sunday Experience (Oct 2015)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Wyrd Daze 4

There is an interview with me in issue 4 of Wyrd Daze. If you would like to read my ramblings and hear a track from the new album go to here and get yourself a copy.