Monday, 28 January 2013

Finally A New Album

Finally at last my new album Boxes Windows and Secret Hiddey - Holes is out now, and is available as a CD and Digital download from Bandcamp. The CD is £6 with free Download. 
Or £5 for Digital Download. Its all been a tad long winded trying to get the album finished, and I am only 6 months behind, so not bad by  my usual working standards. The video for the track The Woodcraft was finished way back last year, so that gives you an idea that I was being maybe a tad optimistic about my original release date (May September then October and finally Feb 2013) Righto I am of to plod along with some ideas for album number 3. 
"Seatman is a kindred spirit, and this is his most evocative and personal sounding work to date."  Jim Jupp, Ghost Box,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Berberian Sound Studio Vinyl

Very happy chappy today. I have just been sent a copy of the Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack. Whilst drinking my choco coffee (and making another)  I have managed to listen to this 3 times in a row and believe me I must say how much I love this creepy and at times beautiful soundtrack. The soundtrack was composed by James Cargill and the late Trish Keenan of Broadcast. The superb artwork was produced by Julian House (you all knew that anyway) time for another listen I think.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


For the last 5 months I have had the pleasure of working with Hampshire based Artist John Thomson. John phoned me back in August and asked me if I would like to assist him with his A0 and A1 prints for an exhibition at The Bedales Gallery Petersfield. I said yes, we met and 5 months later after a lot of scanning, Photoshop work and copius amounts of coffee the exhibition is almost here. It was a fantastic experience helping John to get his ideas and thoughts onto screen and then printed. The Exhibition entitled paperwoodmetaldress can be seen Monday to Friday 2 - 5 and Saturday 10 - 1 at The Bedales Gallery Petersfield from 12th January to 13th February. 
Worth a visit I say.
John Thomson is known for his richly textured and crafted sculptures made both for public
sites and exhibition. His materials are primarily steel for small works with large scale commissions fabricated from stainless steel or cast in bronze.
Based in Hampshire (born in Dunedin, New Zealand) he has exhibited sculpture internationally for over thirty years in countries as diverse as Russia, Iceland and Ireland with artists including Richard Wilson and Darrell Viner. He was included in the survey of the RCC Letterkenny Collection (Ireland) in 2003 alongside Jeff Koons.
Drawing forms an essential part of his working process, moving from rough monochrome sketches through to highly coloured complex drawings and digital prints.
His drawings were included in the exhibition Fifty Years of British Sculptors’ Drawings – Musée des Beaux Arts de Besançon, alongside Armitage, Flanagan, Frink, Gilbert & George, Long, Mach, Nash, Moore, Plackman, Sandle and Willats.
“Nostalgia and precision, seriousness and wit, watercolour and metal – John Thomson’s drawings and sculpture contain observations in a manner which excite contrasting emotions whilst instantly engaging the viewer” Jacqueline Thalmann  
Curator, Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford University