Monday, 28 January 2013

Finally A New Album

Finally at last my new album Boxes Windows and Secret Hiddey - Holes is out now, and is available as a CD and Digital download from Bandcamp. The CD is £6 with free Download. 
Or £5 for Digital Download. Its all been a tad long winded trying to get the album finished, and I am only 6 months behind, so not bad by  my usual working standards. The video for the track The Woodcraft was finished way back last year, so that gives you an idea that I was being maybe a tad optimistic about my original release date (May September then October and finally Feb 2013) Righto I am of to plod along with some ideas for album number 3. 
"Seatman is a kindred spirit, and this is his most evocative and personal sounding work to date."  Jim Jupp, Ghost Box,


  1. Thanks Keith for sending the album. Some lovely sounds, lurking in the murk.

  2. Just bought it! Looking forward to listening to this!
    Cheers Keith.