Friday, 1 February 2013

The Wonderful World of Professor Elemental

I love this song by the Wonderful Professor Elemental, who is Professor Elemental?? what does he do?? Professor Elemental ether by choice or default has become a bit of a celeb on the SteamPunk scene, he also has a rather nifty dress sense. Professor Elemental's music is a cross between Hip Hop and Electro all performed in a very Victorian/Edwardian Style, with song titles like  The Great Race, I'm British, Penny Dreadful, Steam Powered and Cup of Brown Joy. His superb albums can be found on  Bandcamp. My favorite line from the Professor is on his song Penny Dreadful "Everything is possible, for a man in a top hat and a monkey with a monicle" Fantastic stuff indeed. I should also mention that the Professor can be heard performing vocal duties on  the track The Owl Club (Spacedog vs Professor Elemental) which can be found on The Spacedog Album Juice for the Baby. What more could you ask for?

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