Thursday, 21 February 2013

Geoff Love Big Movie Themes

When I was a lot younger, there did not seem to be a Fathers Day, Christmas or Birthday when my Father did not receive a Geoff Love Movie Themes album. Now for those of you who might not know this (I am sure loads of you do) Geoff Love was a British Band/Orchestra leader, who recorded his own variations of movie themes for the EMI owned Music for Pleasure label. The Music for Pleasure label produced cheap budget albums which seemed to turn up in non traditional record outllets like WH Smith and your local News agent/Corner Shop (in fact the same News agents where I bought Night of the Crabs). Geoff Love's interpretations and arrangements of some of these themes, could be at times unusual to say the least. The Sax break on the Dr Who theme is always entertaining, and the Disco version of the  theme to Close Encounters is????? interesting.  All these albums at some time or other made their way into our house when I was growing up, and to tell you all the truth......I loved them all (with few exceptions of course)


  1. Not wanting to appear unnecessarily contrary, but surely back then WH Smith was every bit a "traditional record outlet" - I remember back in the late 70s and early 80s Smiths and Boots being my primary sources of records, as well as ZX Spectrum games...

  2. Point taken, but I do remember our local WH Smith not being the best music outlet in town. On the other hand Woolworths were rather good. They always seemed to have some very odd things in the bargain bin. Thinking about this the Co op department store (when they had one) had a great singles box.

  3. Big War Movie Themes was the first album I ever bought. Don't know about Portsmouth but Woolworths in Crewe was much better for records than WH Smith when I was growing up.

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