Monday, 8 June 2015

Test Transmission Archive Reel 21

The summer is upon us, so its about time for another one of these. Bit slow at getting these done at the mo due to many other things going on (trying to finish of new album for Oct, and about to start on yet another side project) There was so much I wanted to put on this mix but just ran out of time. But enough of all that. This time we have music from Prufrock, Douglas E Powell, ESG, Micheal Fassbender, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Nolan Porter, Lighthouse, Malcolm Clarke and even something from my murky old past.
So until we all meet again. Have a nice summer, I might even have another mix ready for when the evenings get dark. I have been asked a few times if any of the Test Transmission Archive Reel Mixes are available to download. I am sorry to say that the answer to that is no. I decided for a number of reasons a long time back that the mixes would only be available on Mixcloud.