Saturday, 15 December 2018

Marvel Classics Comics

When I was about 12 the Marvel Classics Comics series was my introduction into the world of fantasy/horror/scifi literature. I still have my collection of these and have recently been looking through them. The stories were not exact copies from the books, and in places literary liberties were taken with some of the stories, but I loved them. There were a total of 36 issues of Classics Comics and 12 were in fact reprints from another publisher (Pendulum Now Age Classics)
A full list of all the Classics Comics can be viewed here. To this day there are a few which I would love to get hold of (Christmas Carol, 1st Men in the Moon, Alice in Wonderland, Food of the Gods) They were very difficult to get hold of in my town, and I remember there were a few Newsagents that I would visit, to pick up my monthly copy of Tomb of Dracula and they would endeavor to order Classics Comics for me. The problem was that it was always hit and miss, sometimes they could get hold of them and sometimes not (A very disappointed me when Black Beauty turned up and I was expecting Pit and the Pendulum

Saturday, 1 December 2018