Tuesday, 22 April 2014

All thats left of the once mighty Badge collection

Whilst having a rummage around in the loft the other day, I came across all that is left of my mighty badge collection. I say mighty because it was. From Jelly Tots and Rhubarb to UFO Punk/Post Punk, Star Wars (Where did they go??) and beyond. The Swell Maps and Undertones badges are a tad rusty. The reason for this is I fell into a river with these two pinned to my old black Harrington Jacket.  This lot I will hang onto.

Monday, 7 April 2014

2 Men Twisting in a Valley

A few weeks back, I headed West to Twister Valley North Devon to catch up with my friend singer songwriter and all round top chap Mr Douglas E Powell. When there I asked Mr P if he would be interested in writing some lyrics and singing on some new tunes/ideas that I am working on. Mr P said he would be very interested in doing this, so a new project is now looming for much later in 2014/15. After this discussion we adjourned to Mr P's studio to listen to records play some new tunes, and drink cider and ale (Doug Cider, me Ale)
Early next morning we had a stroll through Twister Valley, where I finally saw the Crackling Buzzing pole which Doug had sampled the year before. As usual a fantastic time in Twister Valley with Doug and his wonderful family.
Twister Valley
Wind Turbines for the Twister Valley Studio 
The Buzzing Pole
My new Friend