Tuesday, 22 April 2014

All thats left of the once mighty Badge collection

Whilst having a rummage around in the loft the other day, I came across all that is left of my mighty badge collection. I say mighty because it was. From Jelly Tots and Rhubarb to UFO Punk/Post Punk, Star Wars (Where did they go??) and beyond. The Swell Maps and Undertones badges are a tad rusty. The reason for this is I fell into a river with these two pinned to my old black Harrington Jacket.  This lot I will hang onto.


  1. Those Captain Scarlets are a bit tasty, Keith. How I wish I'd kept my badge collection too. The Jelly Tots badge is giving me some kind of Proustian flashback.

  2. Thanks Singing Bear. I am glad I kept the Captain Scarlet badges, but missing the Spectrum logo badge.