Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dolly Dolly Antimacassar

The rather great smashing and super Dolly Dolly album Antimacassar is available from Exotic Pylon as a limited edition digipak CD or digital download. I suggest you go here to get a copy. Also here is some info from Exotic Pylon. TATA.
Exotic Pylon is overwhelmingly thrilled to present something very different and very special – the long-awaited debut album from a true original: Antimacassar by Dolly Dolly. 

Dolly (sometimes known as David Yates) is a Berkshire-based spoken-word artist, poet, events curator, radio playwright and belongs in the lineage of British surrealists. Antimacassar’s twisted insights were created via a process of cut-ups, automatic writing, and dream diaries channelling the skewed atmospherics of such luminaries as David Gascoyne and Roland Penrose after a collision with the Beats. At turns playful, darkly whimsical, disorientating and sharp Dolly Dolly’s words and voices destabilise familiar scenes into overcast alien shapes. Imagine if Tom Baker’s Tardis became a Stone Tape jukebox… 

Aiding and abetting Dolly on this maiden voyage are some of the finest artists from the UK underground: Ekoplekz, Position Normal, Moon Wiring Club, Regal Worm (an offshoot of I Monster), Time Attendant, Steve Christie and Language, Timothy! 

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