Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Test Transmission Archive Reel 26

As I upload selection of music I must point out that it is very very hot today. So with that I decided to stay in and not go out. The sun and I do not get on, I am more of an Autumn/Winter person really. So on Test Transmission Archive Reel 26 we have Syd Dale, Richards Dawkins, Belbury Poly, The Fall, The Flirtations, Orbital, Twisted Tongue, Oneohtrix Point Never, Visage, Hare and the Moon ft Alaska, Jodie Lowther, La Dusseldorf , Edwin Astley, Purson, Syd Barrett, Michael Nyman and The The Dandelion Set. Hope to get another mix done before the end of the year, still working on the next album. So until then, have a good summer.

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