Friday, 20 September 2013

Tales From the Black Meadow Book & CD

Went to the book launch of Tales of the Black Meadow the other night with my friend Mr Palmer. This event was held at The Reading Central Library (bit of a nightmare to get to, lots of roundabouts and Traffic lights and very very bad traffic jam on the way into Reading) Once there had a very nice evening. There was Poetry, Film, Music, Readings and Drama all very well hosted by Chris Lambert and Kevin (Soulless Party) Oyston.
What can I say about Tales of the Black Meadow??????? if you enjoy a bit of Folklore, Poetry, A Mystery on the moors, 1970s kids TV and some very lovely haunting music, then this book and CD are an absolute must. A fantastic evening was had, and it was great to finally meet Kevin and Chris. I do get the feeling that The book and the CD are not the final word on the strange history of The Black Meadow. I would like to think and hope that as more information regarding The Black Meadow comes to light, Chis and Kevin will make it available to us all. I genuinely can't wait and look forward to even more on The Black Meadow. But she smil'd and whisper'd once again "I've been Beyond the Moor

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