Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Its a TV and Film OST Only bumper bonanza mix.

Here we are at mix number 30. This time round its a Film and TV Soundtrack selection. Some of the themes/music have been on previous TT Archive Reels. When I first started to put this one together I did not anticipate how long the final mix would be. This version comes in at 1hr 44 mins, which is way shorter than the original mix. I had to drop a lot of music, so might do another at a later date. I have no idea when the next mix will be here. I have managed 30 TT Archive Reels which I never really thought I would get to, so maybe time for a short intermission (or maybe not) so for now sit back and enjoy music from Louis & Babe Baron, Georges Delerue, Schifrin/Holmes, John Carpenter, Yann Tiersen, Neal Hefti, Tangerine Dream, Wil Malone, Denton & Cook, Wendy Carlos, Rita Tushingham & Lyn Redgrave, E Arel & Petit and loads more.

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