Thursday, 27 July 2017

What Next????? There is a Plan (Maybe)

A while back I had the idea to maybe rework (polish and tidy up) four of the tracks that have appeared on the last two albums (all hold hands and off we go, A Rest Before the Walk) which feature the vocals and lyrics of Douglas E Powell. I trekked down to North Devon to have a bit of a summit meeting with Doug and to discuss this idea and maybe release four tracks on a 7inch EP. Doug liked the idea, so in July this year, after a long old slog in Doug's studio we finally finished the music side of this project. There are still some vocals to re-record, but getting there. The Tracks are Boxes with Rhythms in, My Morning Ritual, Broken Folk and Mr Metronome.
We are not sure when the EP will be first we were optimistic that it was going to get released by another label, but that has fallen through now, so unless we get interest and someone else picks this up, we will probably release the EP ourselves sometime in 2018. I have now also started to record new tracks myself. Not sure what I will do with these??? again might end up on an album or I might do another EP myself??? Who knows???

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