Saturday, 7 November 2015

More CDs very soon (Thurs 12th). Reviews & Interview

More Cds arriving soon (Thurs Nov 12th) but if you can't wait why not go digital for your rest.
Keith Seatman is someone whose music I first heard in the context of my old experimental music zine, ‘WonderfulWooden Reasons’ and who’s album left me craving more. His latest, ‘A Rest Before the Walk’, is an utterly glorious selection of filmic folk and ghostly electronica that is utterly mesmerising from first to last.
Wyrd Britain (Nov 2015)

‘A Rest Before the Walk’ is an essential listen, its tracks not only standouts on their own merits but also expertly interwoven into a coherent, effective overarching mood as a whole. Seatman has produced perhaps his best album to date and, given his earlier work is also indispensable and a must have, this is significant. Some might call this music hauntology, others electronica; what it is is a damn fine album that you need to hear.
The Active Listener (Oct 2015) 

Admirers of the Ghost Box imprint will do well to take note that production credits, on an advisory capacity, come from Jim Jupp whilst on the sets three lightest moments – ‘broken folk’, ‘my morning ritual’ and ‘a rest before the walk’ Douglas E. Powell features applying vocal duties to such exquisite effect that on second named track something disorientating approaching Edward Ka-Spell donning youthful Peter Gabriel skins emerges while the latter mentioned woozily wanders into the fracturing shadow lands of Komeda albeit as though spirit guided by some hitherto dark twin of the Superimposers. 
The Sunday Experience (Oct 2015)

A Rest Before The Walk is a much bleaker album than Around The Folly And Downhill with a less pastoral feel and a starker, colder ’80s mood befitting the Sheffield bands or apocalyptic sci-fi and
slasher movies scores of the same time. It’s far from easy listening, but, like many of the Ghost Box releases, it washes over you like a fever dream and captivates the senses.
Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills (Shindig Issue 51 Oct 2015)

 Wyrd Daze Issue 4
Interview (some thoughts and ramblings from me)


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stone Tape Radio 4

I did enjoy Peter Stricklands re-imagined version of the Stone Tape Listen here.  Always loved the original ("ITS IN THE  COMPUTER") and was quite pleased with this radio adaption. The superb atmospheric Music and Sound Design was supplied by James Cargill (Broadcast) and Andrew Liles (Current 93 Nurse with Wound). John Doran from The Quietus reviews this new version in a dark cold crypt of a London Church.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Album Update 2

There are only 2 CD copies of A Rest Before the Walk available from Bandcamp. 
CD versions of the album can still be purchased from the Ghost Box Records Guests Shop.

If you would like a Digital copy of the album (or any of the others), then these can still be purchased from Bandcamp for £5.00.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Test Transmission Archive Reel 23 (2hr Post Punk)

A few months back I re-read Simon Reynolds excellent book about the Post Punk years Rip it up and start again. All inspired, I decided that I was long over due in putting together a massive 2 hr Post Punk Mix. This mix is in no particular order. Some of you might point out that a few of the bands here are not really Post Punk....true maybe, in fact some of the bands here are def pre-punk, but there impact and presence was probably felt more musically in the post punk years. To wet your whistle we have music from Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu, Josef K, Metal Urbain, Young Marble Giants, Wall of Voodoo, Monochrome Set, PIL, Pop Group, Magazine, James Chance, The Raincoats, Wire and much much more. Anyway thats it for me mix wise this year. Time for a break. Its all been very busy what with the new album out this month and all other things, so until the next one thank you all for listening this year see you in 2016.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

THE ACTIVE LISTENER: Keith Seatman - A Rest Before the Walk

THE ACTIVE LISTENER: Keith Seatman - A Rest Before the Walk: Reviewed by Grey Malkin ( The Hare & The Moon ) Hampshire’s Keith Seatman is a name that will be familiar to many from his previous...

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Album Update

The CD version  of A Rest Before the Walk has now SOLD OUT on Bandcamp. A Digital Version of the album can still be purchased from Bandcamp. If the mood takes you go digital. CDs are still available from The Ghost Box Guests Shop for the time being.
Thank you to everyone who have bought a copy of A Rest Before the Walk.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Available today from Ghost box Records Guests Shop

The new Keith Seatman album is finally here, and CD copies are available to purchase from The Ghost Box Records Guests Shop 
CD and Digital will also be available from Bandcamp on Monday 19th October.
There is for the time being only a limited number of CD copies from Ghost Box Guests shop so you might have to be swift.

The Album has so far been played a few times on 6 Music and has been reviewed by The Sunday Experience and interview in Wyrd Daze issue 4. There is also a very nice review in Shindig issue 51 which is due out very soon.
It’s far from easy listening, but it washes over you like a fever dream and captivates the senses. Jon Mojo Mills Shindig Oct 2015 Issue 51.
Those of you fancying some creeping dread psychosis purred disturbia in readiness to celebrate the season of death / rebirth will probably have to dig deep to find anything as out there, strange and eerie as Keith Seatman’s sinisterly shadow smothered ‘a rest before the walk’.  The Sunday Experience (Oct 2015)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Wyrd Daze 4

There is an interview with me in issue 4 of Wyrd Daze. If you would like to read my ramblings and hear a track from the new album go to here and get yourself a copy.

Friday, 18 September 2015

New Album A Rest Before the Walk/The Ghost Box Guests Shop

I am very pleased to say that a limited number of CD copies of my new album A Rest Before the Walk (ksa.005) will be available to purchase from The Ghost Box Records Guests Shop in mid October. The CD and Digital download will also be available on Bandcamp at about the same time. Release date to be announced very soon.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Test Transmission Archive Reel 22

Here we are again with another one of my Test Transmissions. This time round we have music from Godley & Creme, Simon Heartfield, Scott Walker, Pye Corner Audio & Belbury Poly, Jane Weaver, Shangri-La's, Dereck & Ray, Mouse on Mars, Gryphon, The Ephemeral Man, Ennio Morricone, Wavscape, Barry Grey and loads more. Working on something different for Archive Reel 23 which might appear just before Christmas if I have time. So for now sit yourself down with a cuppa and have a wade through this lot.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Rest Before the Walk has Arrived Safe and Sound

Last week  I took delivery of my new album, A Rest Before the Walk.
Now furiously putting some in envelopes
and getting ready for October release date. 
The track listing is
We all had our Dreams, Strange Tales & Lost Paper Trails,
There’s Something Outside, Once More with the Whirligig,
Broken Folk*, Made by Sun and Ice,
Race you to the Top, Thinking Doing and Moving,
My Morning Ritual*, I Wish I Wish I Wish,
Waiting for Mr Fieldpole, Sun in Her Hand,
Along the Corridor 1st on the Left Room 2882,
A Rest Before the Walk*
All tracks written by Keith Seatman
except* Seatman & Powell
Keith Seatman.
Douglas E Powell.
Produced by Keith Seatman.
Additional production Jim Jupp.
Mastering by Jack Packer.
Additional voices Caitlin, Joshua.
Layout and design by Keith Seatman.
A Rest Before the Walk will be available as
CD and Digital download from Bandcamp
CD also available from The Ghost Box Shop
Catalogue number: ksa 005
Release date Oct, 2015.
Extracts from A Rest Before the Walk can be heard here

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Douglas E Powell Good Men Get Lost at Sea

Have just been sent the lovely (and it is lovely) and quite wonderful new album by Douglas E Powell & The Rising Spirit Good Men get Lost at Sea. I have played a few early versions of some of the tracks on my Test Transmission mixes over the last year or so (Nash's Tower, Penny Lies) and have had the pleasure of Doug letting me hear a few of these tracks develop and change as the album has progressed. My own personal fav with its very gentle Folk/Psych backwards guitar ending is Penny Lies. Copies of Good Men get Lost at Sea can be purchased from here. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Extracts from ‘Walk’ 2015 by Greg Palmer

A Rest Before the Walk (Inside of Digipac)

The Walk – Urban, rural and everything in between. -  Contemplation, rhythm, weather, smell, soundtrack (natural / man-made), and the internal monologue. We walk for many reasons, simply as a means of getting from A to B (Shanks’s Pony).  Walking for pleasure, walk as pilgrimage, ritual or with the formality of a procession; as escape, as political act or protest. We walk to notice, to search and we walk to think.

We walk in company or alone. We might walk with a spring in our step or it could be a reluctant trudge, a gruelling hike or gentle saunter. Our natural movement can be choreographed into a military march or the exaggerated action of a race walker.

We walk at different rates, often suggested by location, terrain, need and ability. We move about our homes at a particular ‘indoor’ pace, but there are interior spaces such as hospital corridors and station concourses that invite an outdoor rhythm and speed.

To an extent all our walks are coloured by a degree of prior knowledge and awareness. Some locations and the routes we take are however so heavily loaded with particular memories or associations that our experience is profoundly affected by them.

Stride across open moorland, occasional sideways hawthorn; slowing down the pace to explore the skeleton of a long abandoned farm and to see if the Redstarts are back. Stopping only to raise binoculars, catch breath, examine a sagging sheep carcase and to take stock of where I am and how I fit.

Night Walk 2 – Step from the shifting rattle and metallic ’tink’ of the shingle to the dull solid resistance of the concrete promenade. Legs adjust to the new surface and the head to a new quiet.

From the Old Road take the track to Sidebottom Fold Farm at the foot of Wild Bank; through the gate and into the field, under the pylon that fizzes and crackles loudly on rainy days, up to where the heather (thick with flies in late summer) begins. Over the dry stone wall and left along the rutted path to the disused rifle range with its raised banks and collapsing concrete bunkers; a bleak, melancholy place that is gradually being reclaimed by the land. Corroded round casings are still plentiful, embedded in the sandy earth, even though generations of children have collected them by the handful.

E8/N16 - Spiral down the stairwell, eye level and summit of the railway embankment align through window on floor 2, - out onto the estate. Move on past open and boarded shops and once grand Victorian town houses. Join the High Street where a pub chalk board declares ‘Bear Garden at Rear’. Heavy traffic heading northwards. Greengrocer’s outside display overflowing brightly, like waxy treasure under strings of warm electric bulbs, a beacon on winter evenings. Adjacent cold strip lit basement Turkish social club, cheers as Besiktas stick one in. London Pride on right then straight on at the lights, cross and turn into the cemetery (Egg Stores to our back). Dramatic Egyptian inspired entrance. Overgrown arboretum, ivy clad Victorian Gothic. A glittering array of incumbents infuse the ingredients of our ‘Dead Man’s Blackberry and Apple Pie’; drinker’s bench and disused boarded up chapel complete with obligatory satanic graffiti. Exit by the Salvationist Booth family burial plot and head down largely gentrified Church St. Move past the ‘village church’ and into the park where released terrapins clog a vestige of Myddelton’s New River.

Extracts from ‘Walk’ 2015 by Greg Palmer. - Artist and Associate Lecturer on the B.A. (Hons.) Fine Art course at Southampton Solent University & the M.A. Illustration course at Kingston University.
These notes, observations and reflections on walks and walking were written in response to a request made by Keith Seatman for me to produce a text on the subject to accompany the release of his album A Rest  Before the Walk, Oct 2015.