Monday, 14 March 2011

A Twister Valley Birthday

Well what a weekend it has been. I was invited to DJ at Mr Douglas E Powell's Birthday Doo at Twister Valley in North Devon. And what a great evening it was. 
Also playing tunes on the night were Mr Jim Jupp (Ghost Box) who played a truly marvelous set that included all sorts of goodies, from the likes of Ennio Morricone to The New Vaudeville Band's Winchester Cathedrel (this made me very happy) Before Mr Jupp, The ever wonderful Linda Spence got things moving with some Soul Funk and Reggae grooves which included a Reggae version of the Theme to Coronation Street. Finally Matt Brown and Shaun Winfield who played a great set between them starting with some old Country and Western Classics running through to some very choice 60s tunes. ( (my fav was Jackie Lee's On White Horses)
Visual oddness on the night was supplied by Mr Jez Stevens who entertained every one with some superb projections and slides.
I do believe Mr Powell was very happy with Night, and to show his appreciation he told me a very silly but funny joke about 3 balloons.
I should take this opportunity to mention that myself and Mr Powell have agreed to collaborate on yet another re-working of  the old folk song The Bells of Paradise.  This we hope to make available as a download at a later date.
Please check out the Alva version on Songs of Witchcraft and Magic.
Keith Seatman's set on the night
Public Information intro
The Fall                     Glam Racket
The Flashing Blade Theme
Blue Bambinos            A Sharpe B Flat
Buff Medways             Troubled Mind
Sandi Shelton              Your'e Gonna Need Me
Pink Floyd                   Three Four
Louis & Babe Baron      Krell Shuttle
XTC                             The Man who Sailed around his soul
Chicha Libra                  Popcorn Andino
Benny Spellman             Fortune Teller
David Cain                     Radio  Stoke on Trent 
Dave & Ansal Collins      Double Barrel
Twisted Tongue             Got a Really Good Thing     
Bernard Cribbins            Gossip Calypso
The Monks                    Lift Off
Tony Christie                 Season of The Witch
Ivor Cutler                     Barabadabada
Patti Seymour               The Silencer

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