Saturday, 19 March 2011

Return of The Mac

Now I am very happy today. Having just recently had my loft boarded out I can now
get a lot of my old junk out of storage and back from people's houses.
Got my very old Mac SE30 back the other day. I was very keen to start it
up and see what old stuff is on there from my past. 
But forgot that many years ago it went a bit odd and I needed an old Mac floppy start up disc. So if anyone out there has an old OS 7/7.5 Mac Disc I would love a copy. Thank you.
Now back up to the loft for me, and time to start drilling holes through the floor.


  1. I can make you a floppy with System 6 or 7. Send me your mailing address.

  2. Thanks Nick. Someone else has said they can get a disk to me. If that falls through I will give you a shout.