Friday, 11 March 2011

The Last Days of Man on Earth???

The Final Program was called The Last Days of Man on Earth when it was released in America. Not sure why that was????? The film starred Jon Finch, Jenny Runacre, Sterling Hayden, Harry Andrews and Patrick Magee.
Not to keen on what they did to the ending of the film. Not sure why they
did not stick to the original ending from the book. All that said, I did like the film.


  1. I read The Final Program at quite an impressionable age. I found out about the film years later and vowed I would get it. I guess it must have been 25 years later I finally got it. Yes, the ending is a bit odd, to say the least, but I did enjoy the film.

  2. Cousin Silas fancy meeting you here. To be honest. I only got the film last year. Saw it a long time ago but forgot all about it until last year.
    Like you I did read the book 1st. I still have my old Mayflower copy which I scanned for this blog.
    Now to pop over to your blog to see what you are up to.

  3. Yes, I have the ol' Mayflower book as well. Moorcock hated the film. If I remember correctly, the director, Robert Fuest (who also rewrote it)did a few of The Avengers and both Dr. Phibes films, so he did get some stuff right!