Saturday, 3 March 2012

Religious/Christian Album Covers

 Are You Really?
 And very excited they are to
 Steady on now
Should I call Social Services
 Take that unbelievers thanks
He is!!!!!............Run away
After a busy old day trawling around the internet here are a number of awesome religious/Christian album covers.  Its all very touchy feely with this lot. 


  1. "He Touched Me!"....what would the world of Incredibly strange music do without Christians?
    Just thought i'd point all interested parties to a track by my band, Scouts of Uzbekistan, which samples a track from "Satan is Real".
    Its called "Rednecks Are Real" and you can play it here:

    Great post by the way, we want more!

  2. Just had a listen really liked it. Might have to play We Are One, on one of my Keith Seatman Test Transmissions