Monday, 27 February 2012

Robert Rental and The Normal

I recently rediscoverd The Robert Rental and Thomas Leer Album The Bridge. I had forgotten how great this album was. So I thought time to see if there is anything on Robert Rental and Thomas Leer on Youtube. I was very pleased to discover on my search, not just Robert Rental and Thomas Leer but a short film on the Robert Rental and The Normal (Danial Miller/Mute) collaboration. Robert Rental and Danial Miller collaborated on the 1979 Rough Trade tour supporting Stiff Little Fingers and Essetial Logic. The only recording of this collaboration was the one sided Live at West Runton Pavillion EP (Rough US 2) So I was very very pleased to find this short film of their live performance. Robert Rental only released two singles the excellent Paralysis/ACC. Released on Rentals's own Regular Records and Double Heart on Mute Records. Sadly Rental died of lung cancer in 2000 at the age of 48. For even more in depth info on Robert Rental, Thomas Leer and The Normal go check out The Same Mistakes music blog

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