Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Modern Antiquarian

I recently got hold of a copy of the Julian Cope book on Stone Circles and Megalithic Britain The Modern Antiquarian. I visited Avebury last year for the 1st time and was blown away by the size and scale of the place. So this coffee table colossus was a must. I have always liked and followed Mr Cope's music, even though sometimes I admit I have drifted from it. But likewise I always seem to drift back to him. Now I know that Mr Cope has been called Barmy, Nuts, Bonkers and other such things. His exploits of the past are well documented. Performing Passionate Friend on Top of the Pops on Acid or cutting himself up and quoting Kenneth Williams from Carry on Cleo "Infamy infamy they've all got it infamy" during  Reynard the Fox at The Hammersmith Palais.  Julian Cope may be a tad eccentric, but nothing wrong with that. Julian Cope spent 8 years compiling and writing this book, and it leaves you in no doubt about Mr Cope's passion for this subject. The book is packed full (and I mean Full) of photos essays information  and Ordnance Survey grid references, regarding these Megalithic sites. What is particularly enduring about the photos in the book, is at times its like a glimpse into Cope family world. With images of Julian's wife Dorian and the kids sitting and standing at all these old megalithic sites and even a picture on page 285 of the remains of the family car, after it had blown up. The BBC produced a programme of the same name in mid 2000. In 2004 Julian Cope released his 2nd book on this subject The Megalithic European. For more and up to date info visit The Modern Antiquarian. Also have a visit to Dorian Cope presents On this deity. Its definitely a family affair in the Cope house.


  1. Super book - i bought a copy for my Gran when it first came out. I had no idea there was a tv programme too! Thanks for that, i'm going to watch it now...

  2. Its a bit of a shame that there was only one programme. Think really the BBC should have made a couple at least. Its quite a lot to cram into 1hr. I did enjoy it though.

  3. Yes they should have made a series. Julian was much more likeable than i imagined he would be and didn't push his opinion on the viewer.