Friday, 9 March 2012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Finally got the widget to work

Been having a few browser probs recently. But finally got the widget to work. I am now living in the jet age.


  1. How did you get the labels to come up? Mine have disappeared! Thank you so much if you can give me any healp I would appreciate it.

  2. Have had a few probs with Mixcloud. They seem to have updated their pop up player on their site, and because at the moment I am running an older Mac my version of Flash plugin is no good anymore for Mixcloud. But I can play Mixcloud from the widgets. You have to paste the HTML widget code into your blog with the HTML tack clicked on. This did not work 1st of all but I updated my browser and all seems fine now. I do have times when Firefox does not seem to like Mixcloud, and other times when Safari does not like it. It all seems to be a bit trial and error.