Thursday, 15 March 2012

Seatman Separator Mercury Trax 4. On Bandcamp

After quite a few years, at last here are 3 new tracks by Seatman Separator. Seatman Separator are Simon Heartfield, Jack Packer and myself.  Since 1999 Seatman Separator have released 6 albums and 3 EPsMercuryTraxVol 1 Spring 1999, Claw Summer 2000, Music of..... Summer 2001, Basic Electronic  Principles Summer 2002, Auto Suggestion  Summer 2003, MercuryTrax  Vol 2 Summer 2004, Navigation October 2005, Ten minutes after the end of Gravity Jan 2007, MercuryTrax  Vol 3 2009. Mercury Trax IV is their 10th release and is available to download from Bandcamp. The cover was designed me, and the lovely artwork photo is courtesy Grebo Grey.

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