Friday, 26 August 2011

Something else from my past....Hydropera

In 1996 my friend Jack Packer and I were asked to produce an 18 minute piece of music to accompany a film produced by students at Plymouth University. The film was called Hydropera.  Film Students from Plymouth University had recently been to the Red sea to do some underwater filming. They decided that the film needed some weird old sounds so approached myself and Mr Packer to supply this sound/music. At the time Mr Packer and I were working together as Blister Sound Workshop. Which was us basically making lots of weird and odd sounds in our studio for other people.
We recorded Hydropera in one take on our trusted old Fostex Reel to Reel. We were sent the finished film spent a week or so getting the sounds that we wanted and then one Saturday afternoon we started recording. Just over 18 mins later we had finished. There was no over dubs everything was recorded live onto tape and then mixed. The cranky old equipment used was Yamaha CS-60, Sy-1 Synths. One set of Ring Spanners all hanging from a boom mike stand going through a Melos DE-1 echo unit. Roland R-5 Drum Machine, Roland S-10 Sampler, Yamaha SG 1000 and a couple of Yamaha SPX-90s.
So after rediscovering this piece of work, we have decided to make it available for all you out there. Please feel free to click on the Soundcloud link and download a copy of Hydropera for yourself. Thank you. Its FREE.


  1. I listened to Hydropera in the bath today, and had to briefly get out so I could start it up again.

    Very nice indeed (these sounds I mean, although the bath was pretty good too thanks to this)

  2. A good place to listen to Hydropera. Nothing like a good bath. Thanks :)