Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sulky 70s Kid

I recently found a few photos of myself in an old photo album at my Sister's house. I noticed that in a lot of these photo's I looked fed up, grumpy or bored
All these photos as far as I can make out were dated between 1970 and 1975.
Later on in the same week Between the Channels put up a new post. The post was a lovely book called Let's Make Puppets. One of the comments on this post was by Bollops who asked
"Was there a rule back then that said kids must look bored and miserable in photos?"  I've noticed it in so many other "How To..." books of the period.
This struck a chord with me. realising that I looked bored and miserable in quite a few of the old family photos. So with that I have decided to bow to pressure and put a few on my blog. The rest you can find at flckr. As Fearlono said "I've shown you mine, now you show me yours"
After the climbing frame from Hell I now wanted to go home. 
I did not want to be photographed.
As you can see having spent months building this 30in Frigate.
I was over the moon now it was finished.


  1. The powerful sense of enthusiasm that these photographs exude is infectious !

    I'm surprised you could hold your frigate steady and jump for joy all at the same time.

    Brilliant, sir.

  2. Is the frigate made of balsa wood, or is it a model? None of this matters, I just love the frigate and am very jealous of your younger self.

  3. It was made of Balsa wood, but on its 1st sailing it got attacked by a Swan (honest) The Superstructure got quite a bit of damage
    and never really got repaired.