Sunday, 29 October 2017

Its that time again..........another Test Transmission Archive Reel. Lots of recent acquisitions on here (things I have received and picked up over the last few months) So this time round what do we have??? We have Bongwater, The Sweet, Tom Waits, Ruth Wall & Jim Williams, Kikagaku, Delia Derbyshire, Princehorn Dance School, Sproatly Smith, The Y'alls FC Judd a couple from Buried Treasure Records (Yuri Morozow and Alan Sutcliffe) Some Ghostbox (Belbury Circle, The Focus Group and ToiToiToi) and something new from the mysterious Bell Prover.
Prob not going to get a chance to do another Test Transmission Archive Reel this year, so until the next one, Thanks for listening and have a fine chilly Winter (If we get one)

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