Monday, 10 April 2017

all hold hands and off we go OUT NOW

Surreal retro analogue visions slide in and out of haunted fever dreams in this woozy, uniquely psychedelic, Radiophonic-flavored concoction that's suffused with ambivalent subconscious.
Carl Griffin Electronic Sound Magazine 28 (April 2017)

Strange exotica, repeated samples and a sense of quiet adventure are found on
Keith Seatman‘s all hold hands and off we go.
A Closer Listen (April 2017)

An album length sonic journey into the surreal, the strange and the sinister, a psychedelic pseance populated by waking dreams, nocturnal nightmares and supernatural forbearance, a melodic map of discovered Barrett-esque continents and hitherto beyond the
eye magick lands. Trippy stuff.
The Sunday Experience (Jan 2017) 

After a lot of stress uncertainty and upheaval over the last year or so, I have somehow managed to complete and release a new album. Its been a strange old journey this time round. I was starting to feel a bit lost and despondent with the whole recording process, and was not even sure if I wanted to do another album, I was seriously considering slinging in the old towel or at least having a very long break............I was bored...its that simple. Then something happened (like it does) and I felt quite inspired to record again. With this one I wanted to do something a bit lighter and a bit more uptempo in places. I knew I wanted to include Douglas E Powell for some more vocal duties, and my friend and Artist (Stalybridge born and bred) Greg Palmer had a lovely painting/image called Slush Puppy which I liked a lot. I knew I wanted to incorporate samples of this image into the cover art of the album because I wanted the overall feel of the album to be a tad more bright and optimistic, and I also knew the album had to be released in Spring or Summer. I entered into recording/composing the music with a slightly different feel and attitude than before. Optimism was the name of the game, and looking at it all now I am quite happy with it, which is a step forward for me. Sadly my plan was to make this one vinyl, but it just did not happen. So that's it really. Whats next?? there are long term plans for a couple of EPs and I have recorded a number of tracks for some other projects that are in the pipeline.
 CD and Digital download of all hold hands and off we go is available from Bandcamp
Or if the mood takes you, you might even fancy getting all 5 albums as downloads fo £16.25.

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