Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Splitting the Atom VII a Grand Day Out.

Had a wonderful time playing at Splitting the Atom VII in Brighton on Saturday 23rd June. Got there a tad early with my friend Mr Packer (who carried my extra baggage and bought me beer) but we also had to leave early later in the day to get a train so missed AK/DK, but really enjoyed all that I saw. Before I went and got my lunch I caught The Bald Knobbers. I have seen these chaps before and really enjoy the wonderful cacophony of sound that they create with Drums and Bass and Sax and Bells and Violins and everything else that seems to come to hand. Also bumped into one of the Noteherder and McCload chaps, and had a chat. Saw Noteherder and McCloud at a previous Splitting the Atom, and very much like what they do. Later in the day I caught Andi Brown (These Feathers Have Plumes) Andi produces what can only be described as a beautiful haunting soundscape using 3 or 4 large Brandy glasses filled to a certain level with water. Then by running her finger round the glass rim and also using a violin bow the sound is treated using various effects to create her soundscape. Definitely worth catching if you can. I also played a set myself which was very well recieved, but alas due to my stupid camera deciding not to work I have no movies pics or audio of my set. A great day in a good venue organised by the very helpful (thanks for the table)  Mr Graham Newbury (Club Zygotic) who informed me that he had in fact recorded my set. So there is a chance that I might get a copy of it at a later date. Thanks to Graham Geoff and everyone else who helped me on the day and made me feel very welcome. I hope to return?

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