Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Charity Shop LP Finds

Have had some really good charity shop LP finds recently. BBC Hi Tech FX, Honky Tonk Nickelodeons, The Many Moogs of Killer Watts, Mike Sammes Singers, Pentangle and a very Persuasive Percussion. Side one of the BBC Hi Tech album has lots of Computor/Fax/Printer/Disc Drive effects, but side 2 has some wonderful compositions by Dick Mills, Malcolm Clarke and Simon Hancock. Killer Watts is an odd one lots of Moog variations of film scores. Good the Bad and the Ugly is entertaining but Amazing Grace is down right dire and cringe worthy. The last track Now Here This is a composition by Derek Scott who plays most of the Moogs (and an ARP 2600 as well) on the Album and is an absolute corker. I do intend to use this track and others from these LPs on Mixcloud later in the year.


  1. Blimey, Keith! Where are these charity shops?

  2. Oxfam Southampton is a good one, and a shop called Aladin's Cave in Highland Road Southsea is another one that is worth popping into when in the area. All the vinyl in in the basement of Aladdins Cave. I should point out that sometimes I have found nothing at all in these shops..........but then sometimes very lucky. Good Hunting.

  3. Should read. Is in the basement of Aladdins Cave, not in in the basement of Aladdins Cave. Silly me.