Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Len Lye

Len Lye was born in 1901 in Christchurch New Zealand and is mainly known for his work as an experimental Film maker and his Kinetic sculptures. As a Student Lye became interested in experimenting with kinetic sculptures and developed a desire to make films. In 1926 Lye moved to London and joined the Seven and Five Society (later to be renamed The Seven and Five Abstract Group), and began to make films for the GPO film unit and later The Crown Film Unit producing wartime public Information Films. A collection of Lye's work and Kinetic sculptures can be seen at the Govet Brewster Art Gallery New Zealand. "One of my art teachers put me onto trying to find my own art theory. After many morning walks...an idea hit me that seemed like a complete revelation. It was to compose motion, just as musicians compose sound. [ The idea ] was to lead me far, far away from wanting to excel in...traditional art." Len Lye

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