Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Martin Rushent 11 July 1948 – 4 June 2011

In 1986 I was living at home with my Father. I got in one evening and my Father told me that someone called Martin had called. He had heard the band I was in (Psylons) on John Peel and could I give him a call. I asked my father if this Martin had a surname and he informed me it was Rushent. Of course I knew who Martin Rushent was, I had a number of albums that he had produced so I was well aware of his work. But this could not have been him calling me.
I phoned the number that was left and was informed by the person at the other end that it was in fact Martin who had called. He wanted to meet up with us at Genetic to discuss recording us, and could we pop up next week. I said yes, of course, trying not to sound like an over excited 10 year old. The following week the rest of the band and I jumped into my little green Fiat 127 and set of for Genetic. On arrival we were met by Neil O'Conner who informed us that Martin was a tad busy that day but that he (Neil) would show us around and then take us out to lunch. At the local Pub Neil told us that Martin had liked our Peel Session and wanted to record us. The finer points would be thrashed out with or Manager at a later date. Neil said that he would be in touch in a few weeks. So many hours later we said goodbye to Neil and headed of home. 
Weeks went by and we had not heard from Neil at Genetic. Months went by and nothing. Then one day I got a call from Neil O'Conner. He phoned to say sorry but the recordings were not going to happen. Things had gone on at Genetic which made it not possible. 
After what was quite a long call we said goodbye to each other and that was that.
We never really got to meet Martin Rushent. But as we were being shown around Genetic that day, we saw him in the distance and he gave us a wave and said "All right". R.I.P.

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