Monday, 6 June 2011


If you like minimal sounds, Synth Drones and very early Tangerine Dream/Klaus Shultze (Zeit, Atem, Alpha Centauri, Black Dance Timewind) then you can do no wrong by checking out  C-DEK. C-DEK Is the work of Photograhper/Designer Andy Bell.
To be honest I was not aware of Andy's work until it was pointed out to me by a mutual friend of ours (thanks Mrs D)
So far there  are 5 volumes in the Resonance series by C-DEK. All 5 Volumes are Hauntingly beautiful filled with melancholy Drones and Synth sweeps. All of which are available from Band Camp. I do intend to include C-DEK in one of my Test Transmission Archive Reels later in the year.

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