Sunday, 12 June 2011


When I was about 6 my Mum and Dad took myself and my Sister to see the film 2001. To this day I do not know why they took a 6 year old to see this film????? but they did.
A few hours later we all left the cinema looking very very confused.
I was not just confused, I did not have a clue what the film was about. But I thought the Space Station, The Space Suits and The Main Space Craft (Discovery) look really good. Some years later when I was about 12 a friend of mine had just read the book of 2001. I said to him that I had seen the film but could not remember or understand what it was about. My friend suggested I should try to read the book. So I plodded of to the Library and found a copy. I ended up reading it 3 times before taking it back and then became quite obsessed about the story. I went out and got the paperback version then Arther C Clarkes The Lost Worlds of 2001 then The making of 2001 then picked up the soundtrack and The Marvel Comics Treasury Special (I still have the Cassette Soundtrack and the Marvel Treasury Special)
As time went by I got all the other books 2010, 2061, 3001. But have to admit they did not have the same impact on me as 2001. When finally the year 2001 came I was a tad disappointed but then I was also disappointed in 1999. I do remember something about when I first saw the film when I was 6. At the beginning of the film I wondered why the big front door was in the desert with all the monkeys.


  1. I thought The Sentinel (by Clarke) of which the film was based was a damn fine story. However, I have yet to have anyone explain to me what the feck that ending was all about. Y'know, the 'Starchild' and why Pool ages and... so much confusion. Okay, 2010 did answer a few questions, but they were mainly why HAL went tits up. Help me Keith, let me in on WTF is going on...

  2. Cousin Silas I am afraid you gotta read 2061 then 3001. It does sort of come together. Never sure though if that was a good thing or not.

  3. Typical! I got as far as the sequel, and then gave up. Still no short answer then! Ah well, I'll search out the books...

  4. Have to admit I read them quite a while ago. Get yourself ready for a long haul. Think I did enjoy 3001.