Sunday, 22 April 2018

Advisory Circle, Ways of Seeing

The new one from The Advisory Circle arrived on my doorstep recently, so I took it for a spin. By this I mean I went for a long drive and had a listen to it on my very pleasant journey (A rather nice drive along the A342 to Devizes works) And can happily say, Ways of Seeing is a delight
Ways of Seeing was inspired by late 70s and early 80s melodic electronic library music. Jon Brooks cites Alan Hawkshaw, Francis Monkman, Suzanne Ciani, James Asher, and John Hyde’s work as Astral Sounds as influences on his sound. But Brooks’ production has a definite contemporary feel making it something more than a simple reconstruction or homage and setting these sparkling tracks adrift outside of time.
Two members of Friendly Fires make guest appearances; Ed Macfarlane on vocals on No Way Back, and Edd Gibson co-production on Scuba. (Ghostbox Records 2018)
Ways of Seeing by The Advisory Circle 
is due for release on 25th May on LP, CD and DL

Pre-orders open 4th May. 

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