Sunday, 22 May 2016

Music for Zombies: A Rest Before the Walk - Keith Seatman - Review

A Nice review from the Music for Zombies Blog.
Music for Zombies: A Rest Before the Walk - Keith Seatman - Review: Click to listen/buy. A Rest Before the Walk by Keith Seatman And so I rest before my walk. I put Keith Seatman's new album into the player and begin my ritual. I know it will be good for me. I have been Around the Folly and Downhill

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Games For May. Black Meadow Relaunch

May 29th will see the relaunch of "Songs from the Black Meadow".
MFZ have released a mix that includes tracks from the album and extracts from short stories and poems written especially for the event by Chris Lambert.
Tales from the Black Meadow. Where it all began. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Fractures Pre Order and Release Dates

Fractures – Dawn and Night Editions
Pre-Order and Release Date

 Fractures is a gathering of studies and explorations that take as their starting point the year 1973; a time when there appeared to be a schism in the fabric of things, a period of political, social, economic and industrial turmoil, when 1960s utopian ideals seemed to corrupt and turn inwards.
Audiological contents created by Circle/Temple, Sproatly Smith, Keith Seatman, Polypores, Listening Center, The British Space Group, The Hare And The Moon ft Alaska/Michael Begg, Time Attendant, The Rowan Amber Mill, A Year In The Country and David Colohan.
Both editions hand-finished and custom printed using archival Giclée pigment ink by A Year In The Country.
To be available via our Artifacts Shop and our Bandcamp Ether Victrola. Pre-order 30th May 2016. Released 13th June 2016.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Test Transmission Archive Reel 25

Its spring!! so time for another Test Transmission Archive Reel. Have been busy working on the new album, but made a bit of time to put this lot together. Being played this time round are Mountain, Marty Manning Orchestra, McGough & McGear, The Soulless Party
Octopus Syng, Youth Lagoon, Gary War, Stars in Battledress, John Barry, Klara Lewis,
Jim Williams & Richard Glover, Delia Derbyshire & Ear, Coleen, Francis Monkman, Walter Rauxel, Dr Alimantado, Professor Elemental, Clodagh Rogers, James Taylor Quartet,
O M D, Silver Apples, Peter Howell, A Year In The Country. So until next time (whenever that might be) have a good summer.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Belbury Poly New Ways Out 27th May 2016

New Ways Out is the fifth full length album for The Belbury Poly, the work of Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp. Jupp and his loose ensemble of session musicians create a unique kind of upbeat spookiness. They meld krautrock, glam, faux folk and ancient TV soundtracks across eleven joyous, slightly camp and oddly unsettling instrumentals. Moving away somewhat from the haunted electronics and occult signifiers of the earlier albums, Belbury Poly employ a more diverse instrumental palette to continue the exploration and illustration of a fictional landscape. Ghostbox Records 2016
New Ways Out is an absolute cracker of an album. As it states in the press release Belbury Poly have moved away from haunted electronics into a much lighter and joyful sound. Excerpts from New Ways Out can be heard here. Stand out tracks for myself at the mo, as in right now as I type, have to be the Playground Gateway (It really does make me smile, its that good) Hey Now Here He Comes (Gets the foot tapping) and the joyous and wonderful The New Harmony. I have some long old car journeys coming up and New Ways Out will have me tapping the steering wheel as I chug along  on my travels. New Ways Out is released on May 27th Available from here

Fractures.........Coming Soon

Featuring Circle/Temple, Sproatly Smith, Keith Seatman, Listening Center, The British Space Group, The Hare And The Moon ft Alaska / Michael Begg, Time Attendant, The Rowan Amber Mill, Polypores, A Year In The Country and David Colohan. More info here

Sunday, 1 May 2016

All Hold Hands and off we go (A New Album sometime)

Its a long way off, but here is the front cover for the new album. About 80% of the tracks are done or at various stages of completion. Douglas E Powell will again be supplying vocals on two tracks. Demos and audio ideas for the album can be heard here. The main image is from a painting by Greg Palmer called Slush Puppy. The album is set for release late 2016 or early 2017 (I work slow) The album will be CD and digital, I was hoping for a vinyl release as well this time round but don't think that is going to happen now.