Monday, 16 May 2016

Fractures Pre Order and Release Dates

Fractures – Dawn and Night Editions
Pre-Order and Release Date

 Fractures is a gathering of studies and explorations that take as their starting point the year 1973; a time when there appeared to be a schism in the fabric of things, a period of political, social, economic and industrial turmoil, when 1960s utopian ideals seemed to corrupt and turn inwards.
Audiological contents created by Circle/Temple, Sproatly Smith, Keith Seatman, Polypores, Listening Center, The British Space Group, The Hare And The Moon ft Alaska/Michael Begg, Time Attendant, The Rowan Amber Mill, A Year In The Country and David Colohan.
Both editions hand-finished and custom printed using archival Giclée pigment ink by A Year In The Country.
To be available via our Artifacts Shop and our Bandcamp Ether Victrola. Pre-order 30th May 2016. Released 13th June 2016.

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