Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Belbury Poly New Ways Out 27th May 2016

New Ways Out is the fifth full length album for The Belbury Poly, the work of Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp. Jupp and his loose ensemble of session musicians create a unique kind of upbeat spookiness. They meld krautrock, glam, faux folk and ancient TV soundtracks across eleven joyous, slightly camp and oddly unsettling instrumentals. Moving away somewhat from the haunted electronics and occult signifiers of the earlier albums, Belbury Poly employ a more diverse instrumental palette to continue the exploration and illustration of a fictional landscape. Ghostbox Records 2016
New Ways Out is an absolute cracker of an album. As it states in the press release Belbury Poly have moved away from haunted electronics into a much lighter and joyful sound. Excerpts from New Ways Out can be heard here. Stand out tracks for myself at the mo, as in right now as I type, have to be the Playground Gateway (It really does make me smile, its that good) Hey Now Here He Comes (Gets the foot tapping) and the joyous and wonderful The New Harmony. I have some long old car journeys coming up and New Ways Out will have me tapping the steering wheel as I chug along  on my travels. New Ways Out is released on May 27th Available from here

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