Sunday, 2 June 2013

Quiet Men

Ultravox's Quiet Men was released in October 1978, and was the last single by Ultravox with John Foxx as their singer. My Sister had the 12in white vinyl copy of this record which she got as soon as it came out, and on hearing this version for the first time I was hooked on it.
I started getting into Ultravox after hearing their blistering Punk/New Wave EP Retro and upon hearing that album I went on a bit of a mission to catch up with their back catalogue, picking up the Lillywhite/Eno produced 1st album Ultravox! plus the the singles Young Savage and Rockwrok. Why was Quiet Men so good????? Unlike the Systems of Romance album version, this 12in version of Quiet Men starts of with what can only be described as a driving Euro Disco (very Moroder) beat and Robin Simon's sharp and very catchy Guiter riff, and its loud!!! I loved this record so much I managed to borrow it from my sister for a while (did not want the 7in version) then in early 1979 I was strolling through Bournemouth with nothing to do, and popped into a record shop (as you would). Right at the front of the Punk/New Wave section of 12in singles was Quiet Men on White vinyl, all else went out of my mind as I snatched this record out of the rack and bought it. I do still love this record so much to this day. What makes this record so good??? for me its this simple, its early Ultravox, its on White vinyl its got John Foxx singing, the pressing is loud its better than the album version (which is still good) and of course its produced by Connnie Plank. What more do you need?

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