Saturday, 11 May 2013

Echopet and other musical Doodlings

A while ago my friend Mr Stevens asked me if  I wanted to work with him on composing a musical score for a recently found film from 1929. Of course I said yes, and the fruits of our labour can be heard at a screening in late June (hopefully). When working on the music for the film we also started working on some other musical ideas (getting sidetracked is a habit of ours) We put  2 SH101s, 2 Melos analogue Echos a Theremin and a Yamaha DX100 into an 8 channel mixer, and then recorded live onto DAT. Everything was improvised on the spot with no overdubs, and we ended up with over 30mins of music/sound/audio doodles. So we decided to use these ideas, and for  this project we will be calling ourselves Echopet. The 1st of these odd and spontaneous musical doodlings can be heard on Soundcloud. I should add that we might also be performing all this  live at a later date if we get the chance.

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